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Note: Mac Users… DO NOT Overlook Web-Based TV Services. They Are Compatible to Mac and Windows Computers Including Mobile. You don’t Download Software. Instead You Sign Into Members Area. A Must See Service is LiveTvWeb – See Below…


How to Watch TV on Mac in the Easiest, Fastest Way

It takes Mac TV software to streamline and organize the delivery of online TV viewing to a Mac computer. No longer are you required to surf the web to find channels where there are thousands of them coming from hundreds of websites. You don’t need to go from one website to another to watch a favorite TV show, sporting event or movie just because no one site carries them all.

The solution to saving you time and effort is TV software for Mac. Take a look at the following top products for your computer and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Watch TV on Mac Applications


SatelliteDirect TVSatellite Direct Mac. Offers 3,500+ TV channels, radio stations, videos and access to 7 continents with over 100 countries. Some of the countries included are US, UK, Canada, Australia and India. But there are plenty more. This is no list available with names of channels included for each and every country, you can download the free download to get an idea what is available (see demo download below). However, you can’t play any of the channels until you become a paid member. At lease this service meets you half way before making a purchase.

When it comes to watching Internet TV on a computer this Windows and Mac TV software service is the most popular and brings plenty of experience as well as enjoyment to Macintosh users. While some may argue they don’t deliver all the goods or it’s a total scam, fact is the software has a 78.62% success rate which is very good considering that many products like it have a lower success rate.

What this also means is it has a 21.38% failure rate which actually reflects the percentage of requested refunds by new users of the service. Of course, this number will fluctuate up and down some (more often than not) but from my record it continues to stay within the 75% to 80% success range.

The ETV Corp service developed this standalone software for both PC and Mac which is perhaps the only application to date that’s more reliable than all the others. There are plenty of these products online that aren’t worth mentioning, besides the ones I listed here.

I purchased, tested and continue to use the PC version today which is basically the same as the Mac version. You can watch live and on-demand sports, TV shows, premium channels and movies to name a few, as well as listen to music and radio instantly on your Mac with OS X.

Though same people claim all these products are total scam and you are better off finding your own channels free of charge, you certain have a choice here.

But to address this, first understand that you are free to comb the web and find Web TV websites to watch different channels for free. You are not restricted to using the Mac TV software that require a small one-time fee like this one. However, if you want to save time and effort, this service/product can streamline the entire setup and more.

Also what you have here is a service that has the most popular (most sought after) Internet TV software where people from across the globe are searching for it. None of these products are 100% full-proof to failure. It may or may not work on your computer but as far as it not working that’s rare.

Because of all the hype, false accusations, misleading reviews, websites, etc., people are generally misled into believing these products/services deliver Satellite and Cable channels when that’s not the case. And, it delivers HD picture quality for every channel when that’s not the case either.

These products are steadily improving. At best it can deliver good to very good picture quality and the next best thing to paid television.

Pros and Cons. Adding to the above, at times you may experience some picture blurriness and ‘choppy’ video which can be related to a sub-par connection speed. This is one of the downsides to wathcing streaming channels/videos online. You must use a broadband connection (DSL or Cable) at least 1Mbsp or higher. Higher the connection speed better the picture quality and overall performance.

Keep in mind also that this service, like all the others, don’t own or control the content that’s delivered to you. So they can’t guarantee the quality when coming from other parts of the world (different countries from your own).

On the plus side of things, all members get perks that consist of tech support, channel updates and Mac TV software upgrades that keep everything like-new and up to date.

Verdict. This is a good service and product to try out for your Macintosh computer. I would contact the service first with questions and see how long it takes them to respond back. Generally, it takes 1-3 business days. I suggest you do this because some people have complained they don’t respond to emails.

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Mac TV Pro Software Mac TV Pro. This Mac TV software went through some major changes that were needed. The service revamped the TV Mac software from ground up and has resolved many of the deficiencies that occurred in the pass. What you get now is a worthy Mac TV application that delivers hundreds of live and on-demand channels from across the globe. Improvements were made to the channel delivery, interfacing including look and feel. You also get a product and service exclusively for Mac users, unlike most other services that are not Mac OS X compatible.

Make no mistake MacTV Pro has improved and allows watching your favorite TV shows, movies, sports and news online, including many other programs. The service package that comes with it includes tech support, automatic TV software mac upgrades and channel updates regularly. The latter is what separates these 3rd party pay-to-download software applications from freebies that don’t offer a service package or the service will claim they do but don’t deliver.

Requirements are pretty basic. You need a Mac OS X, 10.5 or higher desktop/laptop computer with an Internet connection, preferably broadband (DSL or Cable) to get the best overall performance and picture quality. The MacTV software is also compatible to Macbook and Macbook Pro computers. So long as the Mac is running on OS X 10.5 or higher it should work. Nothing else is needed!

One of the things that separate this Mac TV software from others like it is the 26 languages. Most services organize channels by country inside the TV player where there can be over 100 countries. Mac TV Pro allows you to select one or more languages instead and loads channels according to the languages you select. Since some countries have the same dialect more or less, it makes since to offer this feature.

As for the price, it’s comparable to other TV on computer software packages on the market today but for this product you are getting 100s of channels not thousands. There’s a 60 day money back guarantee provided which can be requested through Clicksure, not the MacTV Pro service. Clicksure is the payment processor that handles all sales and refund requests.

Pros and Cons. It’s the usual downsides that all these products have in common that may cause you to take a step back. However, things have improved over the years and one thing to remember is none of these services, including the top brands, own any of the channels delivered to you. They are own by there respective owners/providers who have full control.

At times, you will experience video stuttering, blurry picture and some channels coming and going. Since different countries have technology that may not be up to speed or as good as other countries, the streaming affect can good to very good with some picture blurriness from some channels. This is more noticeable when watching a channel in full screen but still the channel is viewable.

As for channels coming and going, there will be times when playing a channel doesn’t work due to a broken link or provider no longer streams the channel online. Also, different time zones affect playing a channel. You may think it’s broken when in fact the channel isn’t being streamed in your particular time zone to watch it. Usually if you wait later the channel work and play.

Just keep in mind that higher the Internet connection speed better the overall performance. New Mac computers tend to have better results than older computers.

Verdict. If you expect HDTV picture quality at all times and want to watch premium paid TV channels like Starz, Prism and others, this is not the product/service to invest your money. Expect only the next best thing to satellite and cable where you get access to hundreds of global channels with no monthly subscription and can watch them from any location with a laptop or desktop. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is downloading the Mac TV Pro software to a laptop to create a TV traveling companion.

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LiveTvWeb ImageLiveTvWeb. Here’s a web-based TV service that’s quite different from Internet TV software services. One being, you are not required to download any TV player software. What you get instead is a members area where you sign into via Mac, Windows or Mobile device. This service provides many popular TV channels/networks to watch live streaming and entertaining sports, movies, TV shows, news, and music videos. It would be foolish to pass this service by. You also get better picture quality than TV software.

If you love sports and want the best of Internet TV entertainment as well, then this service doesn’t disappoint. All you need is a computer (Windows; Mac) or mobile device (iOS; Android) with a broadband connection. Faster the Internet connection speed better the picture quality and overall performance. New and fairly new computers will perform better, since the video and multimedia software in them are more compatible with today’s technology and streaming content over the web.

There are over 60 memberships/licenses included from the LiveTvWeb service which has the Sports Platinum package (sports & satellite channels) included. There’s a 3-day trial for $5.95 to test the service on your device. If you like what you see (popular TV channels/networks, live sports, sports TV guide, movies, TV shows, etc.), then you can choose to pay the one year license for $39.

Pros and Cons.. Quick, easy access to live streaming TV channels and networks online. Great for US, UK, CA, Australia, and those who understand English. No software download and no other requirements needed. You get a username and password to sign into the members area to start watching channels. A ‘Cancel’ link is provided in the members area to stop the annual subscription and there’s support that will respond to your email within 24 hours.

Watch any live sporting event imaginable including special events, Superbowl, playoffs, championships and tournaments. No bonuses nor record feature is included. There’s 7-day money back guarantee included as well.

You can watch everything on your computer, mobile or large screen TV via HDMI cable which is the easiest way to make the computer to TV connection. Enjoy watching all your favorites from the Internet on your television and beat high cable and satellite costs.

You won’t be able to get access to your local TV channels in your area but local and international TV networks are accessible. Must have fast Internet connection (broadband recommended). Wireless may cause some video stuttering and pausing at times.

Verdict. This service is great for those living without paid TV and those who want to cut/downside cable and satellite. Savings are tremendous and can still enjoy watching many of your favorites from any location, in or out of the home. No work, no downloading and no hidden fees. When your one year license elapses, you can renew the annual subscription to continue with the service.

There are more than 60 membership licenses available. You can choose to watch just one type of sport or all sports or sports and satellite channels. There are free trials, 1,2,3 month licenses and 1,2,3 year licenses as well.

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