Mac TV Pro Review

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Review of: Mac TV Pro
Mac TV Pro Service
3.0 (Subject to Change)
$47.95 (One-time fee)

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Updated: 7/21/2015


# of Installs Allowed: Unlimited

Channels: 100s to 1000+

Bonuses: 2

Mac TV software designed exclusively for Mac users running Mac OS X computers. Allows quick, easy access to hundreds of free global channels. Delivers local, national and international channels such as live/on-demand sports, news, movies, TV shows, sitcoms, and more.


No hardware to install or wires to connect; No hidden, monthly or recurring fee; 26 languages with hundreds of free global streaming channels and videos; tech support, channel updates, software upgrades and members area. Works best with broadband Internet connection (DSL or Cable).


This revamped software now brings a better channel delivery, interfacing and selection of channels that resolved many past complaints. One feature that's unique is the 26 language check boxes that allow the user to check one or more and load all channels with languages when checked by user.


Expect same downsides that are consistent with all free and paid-to-download TV software such as little picture blurriness and video stuttering from some channels/videos including some channels coming and going due to different time zones but usually can be played at a later time if not working at all.


This technology doesn't beat cable or satellite but offers next best thing instead if the individual doesn't mine watching favorite TV programs on a Mac desktop or laptop and can put up with some of the downsides previously mentioned. Perhaps the best feature of all is downloading the software to a laptop to create a Mac TV traveling companion system.

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Review of MacTV Pro for Mac OS X 10.5 and Above

MacTvPro-TV1 Mac TV Pro Review. This Mac TV software service might very well be the missing link that makes harnessing hundreds of free streaming Online TV channels easier while allowing Mac computer users enjoy the same benefits as Windows users do. The service performed a complete overhaul of the software, from ground up, and resolved many of the downsides that existed in the past.

The new MacTvPro version now offers a better channel delivery, quicker and smoother interface, along with a new look and feel that delivers more entertaining programs to watch TV online. As long as you run a Mac OS X 10.5 or higher operating system, this application will work on your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or old Mac Apple computer you may be using. The other requirement is a broadband connection that brings greater performance than a dial-up or 56k modem. A wireless connection can be used as well.

Because free streaming content is forever changing online and steadily increasing across the web while high cost of satellite/cable is turning more people away, this Mac TV software service brings new life to those who want to save money and enjoy their favorite television programs while receiving more channels than both satellite and cable combined.

That said, you probably have some reservations about this product and service that includes running into a scam and purchasing a television on Mac software that may turn out to be useless. In this Mac TV Pro review, many areas will be revealed along with video demos provided to help you make a well informed decision.


How Mac Pro TV Works

In a nutshell, this service developed a hi-tech stand-alone Mac TV player software that includes a service package. The membership includes a members area where you can download the software and get access to helpful information when needed while making use of a service package that helps keep the software like-new and up-to-date. Also, there are several how-to videos on getting the software online but you can view them further down this post.

The 1-2-3 step process makes it easy for any newbie or anyone looking for a very quick, easy setup that includes: 1) Register to become a member; 2. Download Mac TV Pro player software; 3. Point and click to channels and watch everything from one area.

If you don’t quite understand how this technology can help you, just try to surf the web to find channels and television shows on your own. Soon you will discover that no one site carries sports, movies, sitcoms, news and other free content. Websites such as and caters only to on-demand sitcoms and episodes, not live sports, news, etc. One could benefit by including these sites with a software package like MacTV Pro that delivers both live and on-demand content from the web.

Also when taking the manual approach to find channels online. one must create/name computer folders and save links to or bookmark different websites. Then they must find the folder they created with the links saved to visit a website to watch sports, another website to watch news, and so on. Not only that but often at times individuals can’t find channels and programs they want to see online. Because of these issues, Mac TV Pro software allows users to watch more and search less.

Simply put, all the work is already completed for you and they automated the process often when delivering hundreds of global channels and videos to you through automatic channel updates. Moreover, you can watch all live and on-demand television programs inside the player itself (just one location).

Here are some demo videos that show this Mac TV software (player) in action…



To Skip the Remainder of this Review and Visit the Official Mac TV Pro Website Now, Go Here


Mac TV Pro Features and Benefits

Inside the player, hundreds of links to channels and videos are organized in their respective genres, countries and languages with a few feature enhancements to help make watching television online more enjoyable. Looking at the videos above, you’ll see the following:

  • All channels categorized by genre appear on left side of player screen
  • Two buttons below the list of genres: Favorites and Settings
  • 6 buttons appear at bottom of TV player:
  • – Play
  • – Pause
  • – Stop
  • – Favorites
  • – Volume
  • – Full screen

Genres are broken down into different categories such as Live television Channels, Sports, Music, News, Movies, and so on. Next up are two other features or buttons that can be seen just below the channel column:

  1. Favorites (save/add different channels/shows to favorites)
  2. Settings (My Account & 26 Languages which allows choosing channels in languages you want to hear)

The television player has other features – 6 buttons to be exact — that are pretty standard among all 3rd party players out there. They can be found at the bottom section of the player which includes:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Favorites
  • Volume
  • Full screen

The benefits are widespread and depending on your situation or issue you are trying to find a solution the Mac TV Pro software and service offers many things. They include:


  • Creating extra TV at home using a Mac desktop
  • Creating TV traveling companion using a Mac laptop
  • Instant access to 100s-1000+ free local, national and international channels
  • Instant access to live and on-demand channels/shows
  • Quick easy setup that generally takes under 5 minutes
  • Point/click to web streaming channels in your own language or any language
  • No hardware/equipment to install or wires to connect
  • No monthly or recurring subscription plans or hidden fees
  • Next best thing to cable/satellite with more channels
  • Watch television on your time, anytime, anywhere
  • Never miss a sporting event again
  • TV on Mac software exclusively for Mac users
  • And much more

Bonuses. There are two free bonuses included with the package: 1) US HD channels on a third party service; 2) Complete guide how to connect your Mac on TV without the use of apple television.

This technology helps save time and effort setting up a DIY web television system that requires no techie stuff or manual to read. The software helps streamline the process so that you can watch television online in no time flat when using a Mac Apple computer (Mac OS X only). Just understand that none of these 3rd party services own the content they deliver to you.

This service delivers free streaming content from the web which is legal and doesn’t decode/descramble any paid television signals of any kind. It is highly suggested that you read their FAQ and Terms of Use sections for a better understanding when visiting their website.

Also note, I always tell my visitors to send an email to the service with questions. Not only do you want to make sure they followup on potential customers emails but checking their response time and seeing how well they answer questions says a lot about a service. So do yourself a favor and see for yourself whether or not this service meets your standards.


Mac TVPro Pros and Cons

Like all things, especially products and services sold online, have downsides to them and Mac TV Pro takes no exception. Also understand that all Mac TV software and Windows TV software for PC products share the same typical downsides, some of which includes: 1) Some channels come and go due to broken links and television programs that have different time zones from your own that must be played at a later time; 2) Expect some picture blurriness and perhaps video stuttering but remember higher the Internet connection speed better the overall performance and picture quality.

The automatic channel updates help resolve the broken links issue so this isn’t much of a downside – it’s not permanent. Then too, hundreds of other channels are made available for your television viewing pleasure.

At first, you must explore the channels and find the ones you like, then save them to favorites to find them again quickly.

The Mac TV Pro player doesn’t come with as many feature enhancements as some of the top Windows software, but nevertheless the service keeps things relatively simple for you to maneuver around the console and allows saving/adding channels to favorites for quick retrieval.

Just experiencing the channel delivery, quick and smooth interfacing and overall re-development of the software makes this one of the web TV applications to consider. There aren’t that many good Mac TV software applications out there that are reliable. It’s best to forget what was said in the pass by other users who ended up canceling the service.

This is a new version software and better equipped to deliver the best of web TV content to you. There’s an Apple discussion website that I found where many former users of the Mac TV Pro software posted complaints. You can visit here…

What’s particularly interesting is all complaints were posted in 2012 and when you scroll down that web page, you’ll find a post from the Mac TV Pro service where Peter Johansson (one of the software developers) acknowledges the complaints and addresses issues that were occurring back then. He also expressed they developed a new version which resolved those issues among other things.

Also if you take a look at JamesWil’s comment, dated Jun 1, 2013, he expresses how he likes the software.

Unlike other third party software out there like this one, this product/service offers one feature that’s kind of unique. You have many language check boxes where you can check one or more languages to load all the channels in those languages to watch. I have not seen this feature any where else when testing many of these products. The others allow you to select a country, not a language.


Other Information

Members Area. In addition to the Mac TV Pro software itself, users get access to the members area. Login details are furnish immediately after paying the small one-time fee. Simply login to the members area to get access to the software download or information such as catalog of tutorials, guides, helpful tips or sign up for Updates.

Membership and Support. The small one-time payment comes with a membership that also includes a service package. This service package includes free on-going tech support, software upgrades and channel updates regularly. In other words, once a member, you will receive new version upgrades as well as new channels as they become available.

Money Back Guarantee. Here’s your way out if for some crazy reason things go wrong or the software/service falls short of your expectation which it shouldn’t. Click2Sell is the payment processor for Mac TV Pro. When making a purchase you will be taken to the Click2Sell order page. This processor handles all sales including refunds requests, so make note of that if thinking about requesting a refund.

Do Not try to request a refund from Mac Pro TV directly like others have tried. If you experience an issue with the application, it’s best to contact the service and let them help you. Generally, it takes 2-3 business days (not including weekends and holidays) for them to respond back to you.

Price. For the price of admission ($47.95 USD and one-time fee) you can pay either by Visa or MasterCard. You can also pay in your own currency. This price is comparable to other products/services like this one so you shouldn’t be concern about it being over priced. Just keep in mind that you are not buying channel links per say, but rather a service that streamlines and organizes the delivery of hundreds of free global channels to your Mac computer. Mac TV Pro is one software service worth giving a try.

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To Find out More and Visit the Official Mac TV Pro Website, Click Here


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