eDigitalPlace, LiveTvWeb & 247TvStream Review: Live Sports/Entertainment Memberships


BUYER BEWARE… eDigitalPlace, LiveTvWeb and 247TvStream Sports and Entertainment Channels Memberships (Same Ownership) Are No Longer Recommended Here (Buy At Your Own Risk!).

Why? This service has become unreliable as of late. There are issues with video buffering/playback on 247TvStream when trying to watch some of the streaming live sporting events — particularly all types of car racing — I have 150+ Mbps Internet connection speed. Support is lousy due to not understanding English well enough, and there’s a matter of them being dishonest.

Also, too many consumer complaints – See Proof Here and Here. There is a better web TV live service that’s more reliable and offers same live sports and live premium TV channels, plus more. They also have on-demand movies and TV shows. Over 9,000 global TV channels. You get more for your money (only $40 one-time fee for lifetime access) and more reliability. I have been using this service for years – Learn More


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How to Watch Web TV Live Premium Channels or Any Sporting Event, Old/Recent Movies, TV Shows, News Broadcasts, and Music Videos, From One Source, Without High Cost of Cable and Satellite

Two Web TV Live Membership Sites to Watch What You Want, When and Where You Want Online: LiveTvWeb.net and eDigitalPlace.com

Web TV Live Banner Image LiveTvWeb Review, eDigitalPlace Review and 247TvStream Review by Real User and Tester. eDigitalPlace TV and LiveTvWeb are two subscription-based web TV live membership websites. LiveTvWeb and eDigitalPlace are two membership websites where individuals join to watch live TV entertainment and sports channels at 247TvStream.

But now you can signup directly on the 247TvStream.com website where there are over 160 live premium TV channels and with sports, movies, news broadcasts, TV shows, and music videos.

What this means is it doesn’t matter which membership website (eDigital Place, LiveTV Web, or 247TvStream) you choose. They both have the same sports packages with some additional packages from eDigitalPlace. All packages can be found at the end of this LiveTvWeb Review and eDigitalPlace Review by clicking the link.

If the goal is to cut Cable or ditch Dish to save money, either membership website can be an alternative. And if there’s any fear of losing favorite live premium TV channels/networks including sports to watch, they have that covered pretty much. If they don’t have the live channel you want, there’s plenty of entertaining channels available that you do want.

As an Internet TV enthusiast and product reviewer, I decided to explore this WebTvLive service further when signing up for the LiveTvWeb Sports and Entertainment Package. This cost me around $30 which is an annual subscription fee. What I discovered was 169 premium live channels – all from popular television networks. There are a lot of live premium sports TV channels/networks included as well.

There’s also a dedicated live sports TV section with many daily sporting events and ballgames listed by name, date, and time. This section covers a two-day listing of live sports with channel links to watch each event or ballgame. What this means is there are two ways to watch live sports online (more on this later).

According to the service, none of the live streaming TV content is hosted on the website. This is not a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Network and there are no downloads. The web TV live platform has nothing but live web TV channels; no on-demand content whatsoever. You don’t watch any streaming content directly from LiveTvWeb or eDigitalPlace. Instead, all the channels are available on the sister website (247tvstream) where you actually watch everything.

Users can choose one of many live sports TV subscription packages, with or without entertainment channels. They can sign up at LiveTvWeb or eDigitalPlace for a membership. But to watch web live TV channels, you are sent to the sister site, 24/7 TV Stream Live. More on this later.

So far so good. You may think this is exactly what you’ve been searching for that will replace cable/satellite. Or if living without a paid television subscription, it’s a nice addition or step up from what you’ve been watching. The savings and your ability to watch many of the same live premium TV channels sounds great. However, there are some things you have to consider…


What You Should Know to Watch Live Web TV Channels (eDigital Place or Live TV Web Membership)

What is LiveTvWeb and eDigitalPlace TV? They are essentially one and the same service with different website membership names. Both web TV live and eDigital TV membership sites offer basically the same sports subscription packages. However the edigitalplace streaming website has more membership packages (40+) than LiveTvWeb (30+). When choosing a package and paying a subscription, you become a WebTvLive member. This allows access to the sister site (24/7 TV stream live) where all web TV live channels are available.

LiveTvWeb/eDigital Place Members Area


There is no Internet TV software to download, which makes the platform 100% web-based. This eliminates computer crash, virus, malware, screen freeze, etc. However, your computer should have antivirus and malware software applications already installed. This is just common sense when dealing with the Internet. Run those applications periodically to cleanse your computer.

How Does LiveTvWeb and eDigital Work? When paying any one of the subscription packages, you get a username and password. A link will be provided to sign into the sister site at 24/7 TV stream live. Be sure to look in your email inbox for this information. Or check your Spam/Junk mail if it’s not there.

To watch web TV live channels, you simply point and click to any channel link name. This immediately opens a TV player in another web page that automatically plays the television program. I was very impressed with how quickly I was able to watch a live web TV channel.

Who Is LiveTvWeb [e Digital Place] for? Anyone from any country can use either membership site. United States and United Kingdom TV viewers stand to benefit more. I’ve seen some Ireland channels. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries where English is either the 1st or 2nd language can benefit also.

English should be your 1st or 2nd language, in order to and understand everything site navigation and instructions. Not all sports are in English, it depends on what game you are going to watch and from what country. If you are from the US, there are other live channels besides USA TV channels online with this service.

You won’t get channels from your local TV stations in the area. But you can get a 50 mile, amplified indoor HDTV antenna, which will allow you to get OTA (Over-the-Air) television channels. (See best sellers on Amazon here)

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How Does e Digital Place/Live TV Web Membership Service Compares to Sling TV, Select TV, Now TV, PlayOn TV, and Others? Rather than try to break down each of those services, it’s best to tell what LiveTvWeb and eDigitalPlace does and doesn’t do.

  • Provides live web TV channels only. No on-demand content to watch online
  • No bundled package
  • Has more subscription packages to choose from
  • Two ways to watch live sports online
  • Over 160+ premium live channels/networks
  • Not streaming content provider
  • Can watch anything, anytime, anywhere
  • No high cost, antenna, hardware or software to deal with
  • No extra cost for anything
  • Can use different devices but not more than one at same time
  • No contract
  • Access to more movies, news, TV shows, and worldwide sports
  • No country restrictions
  • Direct-connects to 100s of live sporting events

Same Service Owns Both Membership Websites Below (To See All Sports TV Packages, Click Link at End of Review)…

LiveTvWeb & eDigitalPlace


When conducting the full LiveTvWeb Review (eDigitalPlace Review), I found the content delivered very entertaining. However, I am clueless how this service was able to deliver the content in high quality.


Web TV Live: Inside 24/7 TV Stream Live Members Area

During the LiveTvWeb Review – Same as eDigitalPlace Review, I was able to make a quick assessment of the 24/7TvStreamLive platform. It really focuses more on live sports. Again, you can choose from any one of the sports packages when signing up to LiveTvWeb or eDigitalPlace Streaming.

My subscription package included entertainment channels with entertaining old/recent movies, TV shows, news, and music videos. With live sports and entertainment live TV channels included this gave me more than enough channels to watch online.


LiveTVWeb ITV2 Movie (full screen) Live TV Web Sky Movies (full screen)


Live TV Web NBC Live TV Web Disney Channel


On the 24/7 TV Stream Live homepage, the menu bar has category links to navigate around the website:

  • F.A.Q
  • Full Channel List
  • Daily Sports Schedule (Regular)
  • Daily Sports Schedule (Backup)
  • Seasonal Coverage

At the time of this LiveTvWeb Review (e digital place), the Seasonal Coverage included College Football and NFL Live. This helps you find popular seasonal sports quicker. Just click the link, find/click the name of the event, and start watching it.

Here’s a screenshot of the Daily Sports Schedule (Regular). The Backup section is similar.

LiveTvWeb - Daily Sports Schedule (Regular)


By the way, there’s also a search bar included. Just enter a channel/network name and click to enter it to find that channel.

Overall, I found navigating around the site pretty easy. The entire layout is simple to use which makes finding whatever you are searching to watch online extremely easy. It’s very important that you read the F.A.Q section. There’s very important information there.

What Live Premium Channels Are Included? If you decide to opt into the LiveTvWeb or eDigitalPlace sports and entertainment package, you may be surprised what live web TV channels are included. Surprisingly, I found many of the same premium channels included on cable and satellite. This is where you might want to give some pause, because this is not a licensed streaming content provider. See Full Channel List Below…

LiveTvWeb/eDigitalPlace TV - Full Channel List 1 LiveTvWeb - Full Ch List 2

LiveTvWeb - Full Ch List 3


What Streaming Live Sports Can You Watch? You can watch LiveTvWeb or edigitalplace NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, or any global live sporting event or ballgame streamed online. This includes local, national, international sports. You can watch all your local pro and college teams/games online. I can watch my Sixers and Eagles games online via Internet-connected computer and big screen TV (connect computer to TV).

You can watch any of the following online:

  • Pro and college games, including eDigitalPlace Football
  • Playoffs, championships, super bowl, Olympics, Special boxing event
  • Local, national, international games (European)
  • Popular sports talk shows including ESPN

More specifically, you can watch any edigitalplace NFL football game, NBA basketball game, MLB baseball game, NHL hockey, NCAA game, Soccer/Football, Car racing, Horse racing, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Wrestling, Cricket, Athletics, Rugby, Volleyball, and many more. You get access to all the popular sporting events

Picture Quality. Surprisingly enough the picture quality for the most part is HD quality (1080p resolution). At least when you watch channels from the “Full Channel List.” A lot will depend on your computer multimedia and video software including Internet connection. Higher the Internet connection speed, better the picture quality and overall performance.

Live TV Web Picture Quality (small screen)) Live TV Web Picture Quality (full screen)


Where you may lose some of that quality comes from watching live edigitalplace sports under the “Daily Sports Schedule” section. They are streamed differently and in some cases you may experience a tad less in picture quality. By the way, my wireless Internet connection speed is 80+ Mbps and I’m using a Windows 10 laptop computer. You can test your Internet connection speed HERE to see how fast it is.

Compared to watching entertainment (premium) channels from the “Full Channel List”, I lost a little in picture quality when watching live sports from the “Daily Sports schedule” section. However, I was able to watch live sporting events from that section comfortably. In other words, the picture quality wasn’t bad at all, just not HD quality for some of the streams.

This led me to check how good is the picture quality when connecting my Internet-connected computer to my large screen HDTV. There wasn’t much of a drop-off in picture quality when watching different television programs online. Whatever appears on the computer screen will always have higher quality. But you won’t be disappointed in what appears on your big screen television.
Screenshots of Some Live edigitalplace sports Channels to Watch Online:

edigitalplace sports - NHL Hockey (full screen) Live TV Web Skysports (small screen)

Live TV Web Skysports (full screen) LiveTVWeb MLB Baseball (small screen)

Live TV Web Soccer (small screen) NCAA Football

NFL Football NBA Basketball

Is eDigitalplace Streaming Legit, Including LiveTvWeb? Don’t confuse LiveTvWeb and EdigitalPlace, or service itself, to be a licensed streaming content provider — they are not. The service is not part of any cable or satellite TV company. In addition, they are not similar to Select TV, Sling TV, Now TV, and PlayOn TV. And both live web TV and eDigital TV membership sites including 247tvstream.com are not similar to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and HBOGo.

The service direct-connects you to the streaming content when clicking a channel link. What immediately follows is TV player that automatically plays the television program.

Because of these differences, you’ll have to decide whether or not to join live TV web or e Digital TV. This is a 3rd party live TV web service, which may give some pause to join. If anything, the bigger fish is the one that gets caught, not so much the little fish. This is because most content providers don’t want to scare of millions of TV viewers online.

One of the web-based TV/VOD sites I also use is YouTube.com, which is totally free. If you head over there to watch free movies and TV shows, many of them have copyrights. YouTube members upload tons of copyrighted movies daily, many of which I watch myself. Once YouTube catches up to those videos, they remove them. However, it takes some time for them to catch up and remove those videos – so enjoy watching all you want – nothing will happen to you.

What Device Can Be Used? Users can use different Internet-connected devices with a web browser to watch everything online. But only one device at a time can sign into the members’ area. Consider this one of the drawbacks out of a few. Use any Internet-connected computer (Windows, Mac or Linux), tablet, smartphone (iPhone, Android) and even an iPad. You can use other devices with a web browser such as Chromecast and smart TV w/ web browser.


Watch TV through the Internet


You will need a fast Internet connection. Higher the connection speed, better the picture quality and overall performance. My high speed wireless connection is around 80+ Mbps. This is more than enough during peak hours when more people are online. I don’t experience any buffering or playback issues which is a big plus for me.

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Full LiveTvWeb Review (EdigitalPlace TV Review) and 247tvstream Membership Area

After testing this live TV online service, I felt it was good enough to write a full LiveTvWeb review. Why? Three things stood out that I know will help make the decision to cancel cable and satellite TV, without any regrets:

  1. There’s plenty of entertaining premium live TV channels from popular television networks to watch online
  2. Plenty of savings compared to high cost of paid television
  3. This live web TV service can be used with any Internet-connected device with web browser (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) or computer connected to HDTV

Whether living with or without cable and satellite, many individuals prefer not to pay increasingly high costs. Or have to buy into a bundled TV package, or pay for channels they don’t watch. If living on a fixed income/strict budget and want the best of live TV web entertainment, LiveTvWeb.net seems to cater to those needs and wants quite well.

Whether it’s entertaining movies, TV shows, news broadcasts, music videos, or live sports, Live TV Web tries not to disappoint. That said, sports fans should be pleased to see many available live sports TV packages, at different price sets. But more importantly, you can say goodbye to local sports blackouts. No more arguing over the remote when there are less TVs in the household.

Rather than pay $90 or more per month for cable/satellite, you can choose to pay less than $30. There are monthly and annuals subscriptions, including trials and other low-cost subscription packages available. This made the decision to write the LiveTvWeb review worthwhile. Everyone saves money without losing favorite live TV programs and sports.


Live TV Web, EdigitalPlace & 24/7TvStream Cost, Money Back Guarantee & Support

How Much Does It Cost There are many eDigitalPlace sports packages, at different price sets. You can opt into the Sports and Entertainment Package to get access to entertaining old/recent movies, TV shows, news broadcasts, music videos, and so on. The cost is $29 per year with access to 168 live premium TV channels/networks. That number doesn’t including all the daily live sports listing that list each game by name, time, and date, over a two-day period.

Other sports packages with subscriptions offer 3-day trials, two weeks, 20 days, one month, three months, and 12 months. Fees can range from as little as $5.95 for a trial to $10 and up. You can get any low-cost subscription package without entertainment channels. If you only want to watch NCAA and NFL football, there is a package available. Or only want to watch rugby, there is a package available.

The payment method can be either debit card or credit card, whereas there’s a payment processor involved. Your payment information will be secured, which is written when signing up and making a purchase. I have already gone through the payment process. One thing to note, be sure to enter your correct email address. Some people fail to do this and never receive an email receipt.

A confirmation email will be sent to your email inbox immediately, not hours or day later. If you don’t see the email, look in your Spam or Junk mail folder. You will asked to create a username and password of your choice. Be sure to write it down or save it somewhere.

Money Back Guarantee: Requesting Refund According to the service, there is no refund for trials. However, this may not always be the case. If you become a member and can’t get access to the content with support’s help, more than likely they will refund you. As for other packages without trials, there’s a 7-day money back guarantee.

You may or may not be automatically billed; this depends on the subscription package you choose. Nevertheless, you may want to contact support before next billing to cancel.

Getting LiveTvWeb or eDigitalPlace Support. When joining either membership website, you can always contact support for information or questions. They have a ‘HelpDesk’ link and usually respond to the customer/member’s email within an hour or two. I tested their response time many times with questions and was very satisfied with their quick response.

However, this service appears to be outside of the US. English is not the primary language, so you will no doubt get misunderstood at time and vice-versa. It’s best to keep your questions short and easy to understand. For issues like login difficulty, they will provide instructions or give you another password. If you cannot reset your password when needing to change it from login page, then contact support.

They also have Skype for emergency calls. You can get access to the Skype information from the F.A.Q section. Just scroll down to the bottom of that webpage to find “Submit a ticket Here” and click that link.


Web Live TV Pros and Cons

LiveTvWeb, eDigitalPlace & 247TvStream

If you want to cut cable or satellite TV to save cost, this service can be an alternative. And you won’t lose much when it comes to getting access to live premium channels. You can watch many premium news channels/networks worldwide. This also includes web TV live premium channels with movies, TV shows, sports, and music videos. There is streaming content available for the entire family.

United States and United Kingdom TV viewers, in particular, will enjoy this service the most. However, anyone who understands English fairly well can use this service. LiveTvWeb and eDigitalPlace TV offer a one-source platform that brings together many television networks to watch sports only or sports with entertainment channels. As for that latter, having all this content within one’s fingertips makes it easy to forget cable/satellite.

The picture quality is very good and accessing a TV channel to watch online is quick and easy. Navigation is very user-friendly when trying to find something of interest to watch online. You can do many things with this service such as watching everything on your Internet-connected computer, tablet, smartphone, or connect your computer to TV via HDMI cable.

If you have a smart TV, you can sync your computer to TV wirelessly when both are connected to the same wifi network. With this setup, you’ll have the ability to move your computer, in this case, a laptop near you. The computer sort of becomes the TV remote control. You simply use the keyboard to find a TV channel, movie or sporting event, whatever you want to watch on the big screen.

The service itself, which has two membership sites (LiveTvWeb & eDigitalPlace) is not a licensed streaming content provider. Although you can use any device with a web browser to watch web TV Live, only one device at a time can be used. For instance, if your device (computer) and someone else’s device (smartphone) tries to login with the same username and password, whoever logs in first can use the service. The second user will be blocked and cannot login to use the service.

Depending on the channel you want to watch online, there are times when you must close one or more popup ads. Sometimes you will see a small x in the popup ad that you must click to close. Once the popup ad or ads is/are closed, you can watch the television program. This will take some time getting comfortable with it.

You can install a free AdBlock to your web browser that may prevent some of those popup ads. You find this information in the F.A.Q section.

This is the price you pay when wanting access to low-cost service to watch premium channels/networks. Not the majority but some channels when using this web TV live service. The same goes for other services like it. I still found this service worth the extra step. Most channels in the Full Channel List is pretty straight forward and have no popup ads. But you’ll find more popup ads when using the “Daily Sports Schedule” to watch a game over the web.

There’s somewhat a language barrier when conversing with support via email. English is a 2nd language, so you have to keep your words simple. Usually, they understand enough to correct an issue if one should occur. One last thing. If you are wondering is there a record feature that will allow you to record your favorite television program online, you’re out of luck. But what you can do is use a standalone recording video software.


Here’s a Partial List of Those Who Already Signed Up and Now Enjoying Watching Live Sports Channels, Movie Channels, TV Channels, News Channels, and More. Click Images Below for Larger View…

eDigital TV Subscribers1 LiveTvWeb Subscribers2

LiveTvWeb Subscribers3 LiveTvWeb Subscribers3


Conclusion: Is LiveTvWeb and eDigital TV Worth the Money?

The pros and cons to using this service with either membership website pretty much tells it all. No doubt you’ll weigh both. One of the important decisions will be deciding whether or not you feel comfortable using this service.

That said… this service does deliver as promise, despite some of the downsides or cons. It’s reliable for the most part. Very rarely does the service experience a downtime where you can’t watch channels online.

New members of this service will be delighted to get access to many favorite TV channels/networks. The all-in-one source for live sports and entertainment channels is quite entertaining when choosing this package. But the service offers many other low-cost sports subscription packages to watch live TV on computer. Or use any Internet-connected device with web browser. There are some 3-day trials available for $6 also.

But for $30 per year, you can get the best of web TV entertainment at a very low cost when choosing the Sports and Entertainment (watch television online) package. If you break down the $30 cost over a 12 month period, that’s $2.50 per month for 168 premium live TV channels. You get access to many popular content providers. Not including streaming live TV sports from the “Daily Sports Schedule.”

Compared to cable and satellite, this web TV live service allows you watch what you want without paying for a large number of channels you don’t Live Web TV Channels watch. You can use an Internet-connected device with a 50 mile radius (or more) indoor HDTV antenna to get access to all local live channels in your area. This adds more separation from cable and satellite. So if you were wondering how to watch live TV, you just learned two ways to do it – online and offline.

When checking out the cost compared to paid television, it’s a no-brainer. You get more bang for your bucks. Watching everything on an HDTV (big screen) doesn’t lose much in picture quality. But you do need to be familiar with the Internet and computer you are going to use. In other words, understanding how to do basics things such as receiving/opening/sending emails is a must.

The setup is easy and quick. After choosing a package, signing up and making a payment, you get instant access to the content. There’s no cause to worry about security issues, catching a virus or malware, computer crashes, and screen freezes. This service is 100% web-based just like YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

Whether you sign up to liveTvweb or eDigitalPlace or 247TvStream membership site, you still get access to all channels through the same sister site. If you are looking for great savings without losing the channels/networks you love to watch, then this web TV live service doesn’t fall short of the mark.

This Completes Our eDigitalPlace, LiveTvWeb & 247TvStream Review

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