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For: US; CA; UK; Australia; India; Over 100 Countries

Web-based site direct connects to 150 high quality sports channels online and makes finding/watching them very simple. The service has many membership packages to choose from with different prices, so no one is left out. In other words, this service meets ones budget nicely.

Members can watch their favorite sporting events and matches worldwide, including movies, TV shows and news broadcasts - there's plenty of entertainment which is great for the entire family. An they can watch everything in full screen as well.

However, this service is better suited for US, UK, CA and Australia including English speaking individuals. Also included is support and password protected members area. And it's compatible to computers and mobile devices.

No software download, hardware to install, or monthly fees unless opting in to one. Many packages offered that includes 3-day trials, specific sports packages such as all football or all baseball or all sports at many different prices sets. Picture quality is very good with fast, smooth interface, and very quick channel delivery. This web-based streaming service already has around 400,000 subscribers.

You can either like or dislike, depending on your mindset. This service is not the copyright holder of any content but list many links in a very well organized way for quick, easy access to sport channel feeds and other types of content online. No phone number to contact but email support is offered. Some channel feeds not working but vast majority of them do work. May experience very little video lagging at times but for the most part this is not an issue. Cannot record but 3rd party software can be used (look in main review for access to video recording software).

The Verdict:

This web-based streaming sports service doesn't disappoints and allows you to choose any number of sports membership at affordable prices. Can watch all types of sports worldwide including tournaments, playoffs, Superbowl, and championship games and matches. Can watch one type of sports such as football only and basketball only. Beats having to surf online trying to find live sport to watch.

Compatibility: All Windows and Mac computers including Mobile IOS and Andriod


To see all prices to sports packages, scroll down to the bottom of the review and look for the link.


How To Watch Live Streaming Sports Online With Crystal Clear Picture Quality: Great For Mobile IOS/Android And Windows/Mac Users

Web-Based Live Sports Website Direct Connects to Live Streaming Content – No Software Download or Hardware Installation – Over 60 Memberships for All Budgets!

$29.95 USD Per Year (Only $2.50/Mo)!

LiveTvWeb Banner Image Ever wanted to have your cake and eat it too? Well if you love watching pro, college and European sports, there’s a way to get access to all of them (from one source) and watch anyway you want. As someone who considers himself an Internet TV enthusiast and reviewed many products/services online, I’ve come across a few very low cost-effective services that beat cable.

Today, I like to talk to you about a particular web-based (live sports) channel feeds website that can literally turn your Windows or Mac computer or Mobile IOS/Android Device into a super live sports entertainment system.

Most people today are living without cable and satellite because: 1. It’s not in the budget; 2. No service in the area. 3. Had to cut the cord or ditch the dish due to lousy service or high cost. There’s no reason why anyone should live without the sports they love and miss big events because there’s no TV around, living on a tight budget, or when schedules don’t permit it. These issues can be easily resolved without paying a monthly subscription (unless opting for one), installing hardware and wires, or jumping through hoops.

You might even like the idea of having the ability to watch what you want, when and where you want, when using an Internet connected laptop or mobile device. The service you are going to learn about will instantly connect to all the popular sporting events imaginable from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, as well as other countries.

In essence, anyone can watch live NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball, NCAA, Big Ten Conference, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Rugby, Boxing, Wrestling, NASCAR, F1, and many other live sports online from one source. And they can do this without worrying about local blackouts and restrictions.

Just a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection and membership to one website will create a live sports entertainment system. Higher the Internet connection speed better the overall performance and picture quality of the broadcast.

If you are looking to cut/downsize cable or ditch the dish but hesitant for fear of not being able to get access to all sports, then you can fear no more. If you love sports like me and want to add more sports channels on your television at home, computer or mobile device, then consider a solution like the one I’m using.

Read Closely…

You can get access to ESPN, HBO, BT Sports, Eurosports, PAC 12, Premier Sports, Sky Sports, ABC USA, CBS, Racing UK, Sports Net, Fox, and many other sport networks and channels online. Not only that but get access to many channels to watch full-length movies (old/recent), full-length TV shows, news, and so on.

This has nothing to do with downloading TV software or paying a high premium to get connected to all the content. In fact, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from that will fit your budget and taste in sports. In other words, you can opt into a package to watch a big game or boxing match, for instance, and cancel afterward. Or select a package to watch a specific type of sport, like football.

There’s more flexibility here than meets the eye where you get to choose a live sports package and only pay what really interest you.

There’s just one source needed to do this and that’s Live TV Web



Live TV Web Review


What is LiveTVWeb?

Live TV Web is a web-based direct connect sports website that opened its services sometime during 2012. The service primarily connects members to popular live streaming sporting events online (150 high quality sports channels). But they also connect to other types of entertaining content. Depending on the membership package the user chooses, s/he can also watch TV shows, movies, and news when clicking links to various channel feeds. None of the content is hosted on the website.

After signing up to become a member, you get access to a password protected members area. In this area, everything is conveniently laid out where you can quickly access channel feeds a few ways.


Live TV Web Subscription LIve TV Web Members Area


Although it hasn’t been confirmed, this service may be outside of the US. It’s definitely not affiliated with any cable or satellite company. They are independent, in case you were wondering about the service and where the content comes from. If you don’t like downloading software or paying high subscription fees, then this option could be an alternate route to watching live sports and other types of content.

Members Area

On the “Membership Information” page you’ll come across the “Active Subscription” area that shows the name/type of subscription with the next billing date listed. There’s also a link to cancel the subscription as well. In my case, I signed up for the “Sports Platinum One Year Package” to test and review it. You’ll discover more about it in this review.


Live TV Web Membership Information


The “Active Resources” area list two types of links: 1. Link to another page with a list of channels feeds (links) to begin watching sports and other types of content; 2. Link to the “iPad, iPhone & Mobile Devices (LIVE STREAM SECTION).”

LiveTvWeb on Mobile (Top Games Today) LiveTvWeb Soccer on Mobile

LiveTvWeb Boxing on Mobile


The “Unsubscribe from all e-mail messages” area lets you do exactly that… unsubscribe if you no longer wish to be contacted by email. Next up is the “Useful Links” area that lets you log out or “Change Password/Edit Profile.”

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How Does LiveTvWeb Work?

3 Main Sections

Section 1: Live Stream Section

When clicking the link for the “Live Stream Section,” a tab automatically opens from your web browser. This is the main area where you can choose a TV network or channel feed to watch on your device.

For instance, when visiting this area there are many clickable links listed. Starting from the menu at top of the list is the ‘Home’ link, ‘Live Helpdesk’ link, and ‘Email Here’ links. When clicking the ‘Email Here’ (support) link, it automatically opens your email program with the support email address already entered.

Below the menu is the “Top Game Today in Channels List Highlighted” section that lists the following links:

  • NASCAR XFINITY Series 3M 250 – Fox Sports 1
  • AMA Supercross HERE -Fox Sports 1
  • Football Live HERE – Sky Sports 1
  • UFC LIVE HERE – BT Sports 1
  • Boxing LIVE HERE – Box Nation
  • And Many More

When clicking the link to watch boxing, for instance, a tab opens in another page inside the browser where a TV player starts streaming the boxing match automatically. I didn’t have to do anything to play the sporting event; it simply played by itself which was pretty cool. The same thing happens when clicking any channel feed. You simply sit back and enjoy the event or show.

Below the “Top Game Today in Channels List Highlighted” section is the “Channel List” chart. It list five columns of channel feeds with many different names of Sports, TV, News, and Movie networks.


Live TV Web Channel List


Both the title of the sporting event and link to the right of it are listed. When clicking the link the same thing happens, a tab automatically opens in your web browser. The TV player with the sporting event, TV shows, news, or movie you selected automatically plays. Pretty simple! Right?

There are plenty of links in this section that include title names. You simply point and click to any link to access the content you want to watch online. Some of the links are listed below:

  • BT Sports
  • Sky Sports/Movies
  • Fox/Fox Sports
  • ESPN
  • Box Nation
  • HBO
  • TNT
  • TSN
  • Fx
  • And Many, Many More

Section 2: Daily Sports TV Schedule

When clicking this link a page opens in a new tab. Here you will find a couple of things: 1. Information that points to downloading a plugin to blocks banners, pop-ups and video ads on the channels. However, when I used my Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer browsers, I didn’t experience any of those pop-ups from many channels I watched.

However, over time I discovered other channel feeds and played them. Only then I started getting those pop-ups which I am very familiar why they are there and meant to do. LiveTvWeb didn’t put those ads there; they belong to owners of the content as a way to receive income. Simply put, you close the pop-up ads (some are timer ads) by clicking the ‘x’. And it’s recommended not to download anything from those ads when told to do so.

My advice here is don’t download the pop-up ad blocker plugin, unless you experience pop-up ads or they become annoying. I didn’t download the plugin because I can tolerate closing pop-ups, and you won’t get them from the vast majority of channel feeds you play.


LiveTvWeb Daily Sports TV Schedule


What follows next is the “Daily Streaming Schedule” area that list the current date including names and times of each broadcast. Included are clickable channel feed links to watch the broadcast at the designated time. To be clear, these are sporting events that are broadcast on the same day they are listed. This schedule is updated everyday for live sports only.

For instance, here’s a small sample of what you will see:

  • 01:00 Soccer Crucero del Norte – Defensa y Justicia Channel 1
  • 01:05 MLB New York Mets vs Pittsburgh Pirates Channel 25
  • 01:05 MLB Philadelphia Phillies vs Washington Nationals Channel 26
  • 01:05 MLB Texas Rangers vs New York Yankees Channel 27
  • 01:07 MLB Seattle Mariners vs Toronto Blue Jays Channel 28
  • 01:08 MLB Houston Astros vs Detroit Tigers Channel 29
  • 01:10 MLB Baltimore Orioles vs Miami Marlins Channel 30
  • 01:10 MLB Cincinnati Reds vs Cleveland Indians Channel 31
  • 01:10 MLB Los Angeles Angels vs Boston Red Sox Channel 32
  • 01:10 MLB Oakland Athletics vs Tampa Bay Rays Channel 33

I highly suggest that when there’s a big sporting event, whereas you know a large number of people will be watching the broadcast, is play the sporting event little before it actually starts. If you wait later on, after the sporting event already started, you might not be able to get access because of too many members watching it.

Below this section, comes another area, “Top Game Today in Channels List Highlighted,” which I mentioned earlier. It list the same title names and links to quickly access the streaming content to watch… Live Sports, News, TV Shows, Movies, etc.


LiveTVWeb ITV2 Movie (full screen) Live TV Web Sky Movies (full screen)

Live TV Web Discovery History Live TV Web Fox

Live TV Web NBC Live TV Web Disney Channel


Section 3: Category Wise Channels Name

When clicking this link a new tab appears within your browser that takes you to the page called, “Sports Category Wise Channels Name.”

There’s all kinds of sporting events listed by category. You can quickly locate all the sport channel feeds that are related to a specific sports category as such:

  • Rugby Live online Channels – Skysports 1 *** Skysports 2*** Skysports 3*** Skysports 4******Premier Sports
  • NFL – NCAA Live Channels – ESPN UK*** ESPN America***Fox Sports 1***BTN ***ESPN 2***Pac12 Network ***Euro Sports 2*** TSN 1*** TSN 2***Setanta Ireland***

LiveTvWeb - ESPN (full screen) Live TV Web Sports Category


Like all the other sections, clicking any one of those links will open another tab on your browser which automatically plays the streaming sporting event. You just sit back and enjoy watching the event.

That’s it! We’ve just went through the three main sections included in the Live TV Web members area and different types of links that lead to various types of streaming content.


Why Pay When Many Watch Free Sports Online Exist

I don’t know about you but for me, I wanted a one source service that could connect me to all live sports with access to popular networks and premium channels. I don’t like jumping from one site to another to watch what interest me. I wanted to be able to watch big games and matches (local, national, international) with access to a sports TV guide to know when and where to watch the sporting event.

The service had to be easy to use and safe, whereas I could avoid getting a computer virus and malware (although I do have good security protection software installed). My goal also included not wanting to download anything to my computer. Some sites you go to don’t have the best of picture quality and can cause a computer virus/malware. This was a major concern as well as the picture quality had to be crystal clear.

But there were other parts to my wish list as well. I wanted access to old/recent full-length movies and TV shows including news channels. The price had to be very reasonable if I was going to pay and I didn’t want to pay a monthly subscription.

My wish list was fulfilled when I came across this service that you are reading a full review. You may not want the same things as me, but with over 60 live sports membership packages to choose from, surely there is something that will interest you.


Benefits To Using This Service

  • Quick, Easy Access to Streaming Content
  • Access Everything from Members Area
  • Support Desk for Questions or Help
  • Very Entertaining Content to Watch Online
  • Great for Sports Enthusiasts
  • Watch Worldwide Sports Live
  • Watch Anytime, Anywhere – 24/7
  • Creates Live Sports Online PC, Mac or Mobile System Instantly
  • Great for Desktop and Laptop Computers
  • Connect Computer (with LiveTvWeb Membership) to Television
  • Channel Feed Updates and Reliable Service
  • Watch Tournaments, Playoffs, Superbowl, and Championship Games/Matches
  • Watch Olympic, World Cup, etc.
  • Access Members Any From Any Device, Even If Not Your Own

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Who Is This Service Really For?

Sports enthusiasts will definitely love this service. However, this service can be used by anyone who’s interested in watching any local, national or international sports event. This also includes getting access to special sporting event such as any big boxing match. You don’t have to keep the membership, which can be canceled by you at anytime – there is a ‘Cancel’ link to terminate the membership at anytime.

This web-based service is great for US residents including UK, Canada, and Australia, or any English speaking individual. It doesn’t appear this service is suitable to non-English speaking individuals. I suggest contacting support to inquire about other languages. Outside of this, any age and gender can make good use this service easily when watching sports online.


Is LiveTvWeb A Scam?

There is nothing online that really says this is a scam. I certainly don’t see it as a scam and according to support, after conversing with them via email several times, they told me they have around 400,000 subscribers. If you and I are to believe this, then obviously it rules out a scam.

Here are some of the answers to my questions that support sent me:

  • We have 400k Active subscribers
  • All our channels provide very good quality, no lagging, no blackout, no ads
  • All streams are hosted to our different server and stream is embedded to our channels page
  • Yes all channels working with full screen mode
  • Our stream is compatible with Windows, MAC, iOS, Android devices
  • Yes we provide instructions and troubleshooting steps to help members in the members area. We also
    provide 24/7 support via our helpdesk
  • Basically our product is web based streaming services for 24/7
  • We offer all sports coverage with entertainment and News channels
  • Our main priority to give live coverage of all major sporting events

Is LiveTvWeb Legal, Safe, Any Good?

Here’s where we get into the thick of things morally, whereas this service either becomes a deal maker or deal breaker. The service scrapes sports, TV, news and movies content from the Internet, which is why they call it channel feeds. Outside of that I don’t know anything more other than they don’t host any of the channel feeds in the members area. They give you channel feed links to access the content that’s comes from open gateways online.

You can, of course, contact support with further questions. However, English at times may be somewhat challenging for them, as I couldn’t get all my questions answered. There was something about the writing I received from them as well that told me that English may be their second language. Still your question should get across well enough and receive an answer. Don’t always expect a clear cut and dry answer or response to all your questions.

As you already know, HBO, TNT, SKY Sports, and many channels that appear on cable are included for your viewing. Of course, LiveTvWeb doesn’t own any of the content you get connected to. How this service goes about gaining access to this content is something I can’t answer or know entirely, so you have to be judge here and decide whether or not this is a service you would like to opt in.

Live TV Web collects your name and email address. Your payment/order information is handled by a 3rd party payment processor. More on this later. If you feel uncomfortable about using this service, it’s certainly understandable. As of now, I’m still using the service to watch all kinds of interesting entertainment online. I’m sort of hooked.


Features, Ease Of Use, Interface, Channel Delivery, And Picture Quality

Watch TV through the Internet
You could say this service lacks web streaming features. But outside of the full screen and live sports TV guide features, including 150 high quality sports channel feeds, you really don’t need more. And yet, you do get more in other ways when getting access to old/recent movies, TV shows, and news feeds. Some individuals may want to record from their computers which is understandable and can do that when downloading a 3rd party software. Read below…

Recording Streaming Content

You might be asking yourself what about recording the content you are going to watch. This is where you have to rely on 3rd party video recording software for computers if you want to record whatever is playing on your computer screen. If you like to know more about this software, there’s a top video recording brand you should review – Click Here.

As for LiveTVWeb, their sports website is very easy to use and does a very good job to connect users to any content of interest. If fact, you can start watching any content within several seconds, once inside the members area. Finding and playing channel feed links, whether they are located in the category section or channel list, can’t be any easier.

The channel delivery is both fast and smooth. I was delighted when playing the content in the members area. As I said earlier, when clicking a channel feed link the streaming content usually plays immediately without buffering or delay. However, at time, I did experience a little delay with few channel feeds and some didn’t play – maybe broken or need to play later.

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How Good Is The Picture Quality?

One of the primary things I thought about before trying this service out was the picture quality. I wondered was the quality better or equivalent to Internet TV Software and some of the other web-based TV/Video I tried in the past. Honestly, I was very pleased with how well the picture quality appeared on my computer for the most part.


Live TV Web Picture Quality (small screen)) Live TV Web Picture Quality (full screen)


I’m using a Windows 7 Toshiba laptop with DSL broadband. The vast majority of the content I witnessed including sporting events had high quality (HD-like, DVD-like). So this service past the test from that standpoint for the most part. There were so some channel feeds that delivered somewhat sub-par picture quality, but still quite viewable.

Here are some additional screenshots to see the quality:

Live TV Web NFL Hockey (small screen) Live TV Web NHL Hockey (full screen)

Live TV Web Skysports (small screen) Live TV Web Skysports (full screen)

LiveTVWeb MLB Baseball (small screen) LiveTvWeb MLB Baseball (full screen)

Live TV Web Soccer (small screen) Live TV Web Soccer (full screen)


Compatibility, Reliability, and Flexibility

Besides Windows and Mac computers not having any trouble using the LiveWebTv service, mobile IOS/Android devices shouldn’t have any issue either. In fact, the service has a special link in the members area for mobile users to get access to the same content to watch live sports, movies, new, and TV shows.

Although I’ve only used the service over a short period of time, it appears to be reliable. I have not experienced a server crash from the service that can cause channel feeds to not work. However, I did come across some links that either didn’t work or worked before and stopped working afterwards. In any case, you can easily contact support about broken channel feeds.

This service/method is flexible enough where you can put it to good use any number of ways. You can create a sports TV entertainment system using your desktop (for stationary purpose). Create a sports TV traveling companion (mobile device or laptop). And/or you can watch everything on any small/large screen TV when connecting a computer.


Pros And Cons


The picture quality is very good and no buffering or delay, for the most part, when playing a channel feed. The entire members area is designed for easy access, whereas anyone of any age can maneuver around the members area quickly. To be clear, everything is self-explanatory with few instructions. The Support Desk link does work, as I have contacted support myself at least 10 times and got a response each and every time within 24 hours. More on support later.

I was very delighted with the type of content (entertainment) I viewed online. There’s so much live sports available and with the addition of movies, news and TV shows, I was entertained. Besides having a device that can play streaming content, you will need an internet connection (preferably broadband or fast connection speed). There’s no hardware to install or wires to connect, unless of course, you want to setup a computer connected television to watch streaming sports online.

The full screen feature is available on most TV players that play the streaming content. It’s such a delight when you can enlarge the TV player screen to watch a ballgame or movie in a much larger view. No stream lagging for the most when TV player plays the channel feed. If you do experience playback lag, more than likely your Internet is slow. Even if you have broadband, at peak hours, during the day, can cause slower connection speeds.


No phone number to call support; only email support is offered only but you usually get a response within 24 hours. No record feature but you can buy a 3rd party video recording software online that allows this function. Some video/picture steaming stuttering exist but not very often and not for most channel feeds. I tried clearing my browser cache to see if it would help but it didn’t. So either it was the channel itself or my DSL Internet connection that caused the picture stutter.

That are free plugins that should be installed for your operating system to play different types of audio/video files. Here, I have listed what’s needed for computers: Divx Player; Windows Media Player; Adobe Flash Player; Quicktime Player; RealPlayer.

Tip: Don’t have a lot of active programs running in the background on your computer. This can cause streaming issues. Also keep in mind… Faster the Internet connection speed better the overall performance and picture quality. Fairly new and newer computers and devices shouldn’t have an issues playing streaming content from the web.

Lastly, I did not see any troubleshooting steps in the members area. This information can help members faster for some of the minor issues if or when they occur.

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Cost, Membership, Money Back Guarantee

This service brings more than one membership option that fits any pocket or means of use. Whether it’s a 3-day trial or any monthly/annual/multiple year subscription.

The Sports Platinum cost $29.95 per year, with no additional charge for anything. You simply decide whether or not to opt into the service again, once the full year elapses. There are many packages included (over 60) with different price sets such as 3-day trials ($4.95 or $5.95) that automatically rebills you the full price after the trial is over.

All packages generally cost anywhere from $10.00 to $44.95, whereas you can opt for the 1, 2, or 3 year license. If not, there are 1, 2 or 3 month licenses as well. Keep in mind that you’ll have access to the ‘Cancel’ link in the members area to terminate the subscription whenever you like.

The money back guarantee is mentioned on some membership packages and not others. I asked support to explain this further to me and here’s what they wrote back:

“No trial is refundable. Money back Guarantee is only valid if the service cannot stream the game that
a customer subscribes.” I’m sure you can request a refund if unhappy with the service if paying the full price. You’ll see where some of the membership packages mentions, “7 days Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.”


Other Entertaining Ways To Use Live TV Web

Besides using your Windows or Mac (desktop/laptop) computer or mobile device, you can connect your computer to any small/large screen television. Again, it doesn’t matter who owns the computer or device. As long as you have your username and password to log into the members area and access the content, you are good to go.

Most TVs and computers nowadays have HDMI inputs. You connect the HDMI cable at both ends: One to your television and other to your computer. Next, you open your television menu and select the input your computer is connected – HDMI input 1 or HDMI input 2. – Watch How To’s Video Here.

Once the above is completed, whatever appears on your computer screen now appears on your television screen. Your computer is connected to the Internet so all you need to do is get into the members area, click a link to watch something, and it will appear on your TV screen. This is how you add more content to your television. Hence: Internet TV and all the sports you always wanted at low cost!

If you have a smart TV (Internet-Ready Televisions) with or without Google TV, Apple TV or some of the other set-top boxes (Streaming Media Player) where you have access to a web browser such as Google Chrome, you don’t need to connect a computer. You can simply use the web browser on your small/large screen television to access the members area and continue from there. You can also take a look at Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, or perhaps setup a wireless connection without using any A/V cable.



For what it’s worth, the only thing you really have to weigh is whether or not this service makes you feel good about yourself and it. Of course, you have to make your own decision when it comes down to morals. If you can get beyond that, then perhaps you put this service to use. I am currently using it for my own purposes and intend to keep using it, at least for awhile.

You’ve read the pros and cons, which I feel the pros outweigh the cons. Hopefully, you feel that same way as well. Although some downsides do exist, I have no doubt you’ll enjoy watching all kinds of live sports on your device. If you don’t want to opt for the “Sports Premium” package that I have, you can always settle for one of the other members packages such as Basketball only, Baseball only, Football only, etc (See link at end).

The service does a good job in breaking down different packages to suit your needs and budget. Whatever your taste is for sports you only pay for you want to watch, nothing more. Moreover, you can see the savings in the long run when comparing this to other services. And there’s nothing wrong if wanting to use this service just one time to see big boxing match, like the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

LiveTvWeb provides many options and price sets along with the flexibility to use it on your Mobile IOS/Android Device, computer, or smart TV. Compared to other low cost web-base service the quality here is far better.

Live TV Web brings with it an array of possibilities for watching live streaming sports online and other types of content. If sports is really your thing, this service doesn’t fall short in meeting your needs.

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Have Any Questions or Comments, Feel Free to Leave Them Below…



Internet TV researcher, tester and enthusiast enjoys sharing and delivering information to like-minded individuals interested in watching TV on their computers, televisions, and mobile devices.