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IPCTV Review: One-Source-for-All Internet TV Entertainment

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IPCTV Review: 6,000+ TV Channels with Live TV, Local TV, Global TV, Sports TV, VOD Movies and TV Shows

IPCTV Review by Real User. The IPCTV or I-PCTV online service isn’t your typical Internet TV service. This is not the same service with a satellite TV channel in Japan. They are totally different. There are plenty of free TV/VOD websites to watch PC TV over the Internet, many of which fall short of the mark in giving you the best of web TV experience.

There are also plenty of subscription-based web TV/VOD providers available as well. However, if you are searching for a way to cut cable or satellite cost without losing favorite TV channels/networks, then IPCTV is a service to consider.

Unlike cable/satellite, there is no monthly subscription fee, contract, or bundled package. There’s a huge amount of streaming content to watch TV shows and movies, including live sports and news broadcasts. You can also listen to radio stations and music if that’s something of interest.

PCTV direct-connects to over 6,000 TV channels from across the globe, which you can learn more when visiting They are a 3rd-party web-based TV/VOD service that gives you the ability to watch the following streaming content online in a very convenient way:

Members of the I PCTV service can watch all the above streaming content from the IPCTV members’ area. You get access to a one-source-for-all Internet TV entertainment platform. And by the way, there is no TV software to download. If software is something you want or free download, understand that in many cases free and unsupported software can be problematic and lacks entertaining TV programs to watch. They promote malware (unwanted advertising) because they are free. In other cases, malware can be harmful.

IPCTV allows members to get access to favorite TV programs online, such as live premium TV channels and networks at an instant. This is because it’s 100% web-based which means members can use any Internet-connected device to watch everything (more on this later). And you don’t need to pay any subscription fee to watch premium live TV channels from popular television networks. Instead, you pay a small one-time fee, nothing more.


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After going through the IPCTV Review and watch TV online, the streamlining and organization of all the content and information were very easy to access. There’s no confusion about where want to go. The menu points to the online TV sections you want to see such as Local TV, Sports TV, VOD Movies, etc.

I suggest you read all the instructions and support information with tips before playing any channels. This is very important because there are times when you must perform some extra steps. These extra steps must be performed before you can watch certain live TV channels and on-demand content over the Internet.

Not all streaming content delivered requires these extra steps. Just understand this is the small price you pay to get access to entertaining live premium TV channels found on cable/satellite TV.

IPCTV Sports

Sports Fans will be happy using the IPCTV online platform to watch live sports online. There’s all kinds of sporting events and ballgames one can access instantly. The Sports TV section offers two ways to watch sports online:

1. Direct Sports TV Channels. The Direct Sports TV Channels section currently has 44 live premium sports TV channels/networks listed, some of which include:

You simply point and click on the channel name (icon) to watch whatever is of interest in HQ (high quality). Again, you are not required to pay a monthly subscription to watch these sports networks. The I PCTV service is not the content owner nor are they affiliated with any cable or satellite company.

They bring together all kinds of popular TV/VOD steaming content from across the web to one place. This is done through open gateways over the web. Members can also watch all live sporting events and ballgames on the big screen in HQ.

One benefit to watching sports online is there are no local TV blackouts. You can watch worldwide sports (local, national, international) anytime, anywhere. This includes championships, playoffs, Super Bowls, European sports, Olympics, special events, etc.

2. Live Sports Links. Another way to watch live sports online is through the Live Sports Links. IPCTV direct-connects to a few popular free sports TV websites that list sporting events and ballgames by name, date, and time. You simply click the link to play the sporting event or ballgame you want to watch over the Internet.

The picture quality for some of the streaming content can be a little sub-par, at times, but still very much watchable. High Internet connection speed can help improve the quality in many cases (25-150 Mbps Internet connection (download) speed is best). However, it’s the source where the streaming live content comes from that has to be taken into consideration, and not the fault of this watch TV on PC service.


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IPCTV Popular TV Channels – Partial List of 150+ Channels/Networks

You simply click the channel/network icon to begin watching it online. These popular channels/networks are not found in any free TV software on PC and Mac, or Linux.

IPCTV Local TV/Global TV/VOD Movies & TV Shows

The pctv streaming content is divided into appropriate sections, which enables you to find what you want to watch online very easily. There’s a section for Local TV that lets you find channels/networks from a specific country, region, or state and city. In fact, you can find channels/networks globally, by continent, in the Global TV section.

The VOD Movies and TV show sections allow you to watch movies and TV shows on-demand. The movies alone are quite entertaining. There are plenty of old/recent movies to watch freely online that can entertain you for hours, days, weeks. And all the content is updated periodically.

Is IPCTV Legit, Safe, A Scam?

Do a search online for IPCTV review and you’ll find some scam sites with complaints on this service and web-based TV/VOD platform. However, some complaints are dated back to 2014 and other websites have nothing to base a good opinion. Lets address the old complaints first. Many of the past issues have been resolved after a new roll out of this web-based TV/VOD platform hit the Internet in 2016.

I have been a member for years and can honestly say things have improved, not only within the members area but also delivery of streaming TV content. This service is not responsible for the quality of content to watch online. They are not content owners, and therefore cannot be held responsible for the quality of the content viewed online. For the most part, I’m happy with watching live premium TV channel and on-demand content with movies, TV shows, news broadcast, and sports. Almost everything works/plays well for me and I live in the US.

There are times when some streams may not work/play but usually this service is on top of the issue. You can, however, email support about a broken stream. For the most part, they will have the channel(s) up and running sooner or later. Still, there are plenty more entertaining live TV channels and on-demand TV content to watch online. And I’m happy with using my computer, smartphone and computer connected HDTV to watch everything in HQ (high quality).

So is this a scam? Not hardly and you can check for yourself. The majority of visitors to my site that were referred to the IPCTV website, where they made purchases, did not request a refund. What this says is no product/service works for everyone, due to any number reasons. Yet, this is why a service offers support, which again I can say this service will do their best to fix the issue at hand.

So whatever issue occurred in the past, with past customers, you need to base your opinion on the new and improve service and web-based TV/VOD. I have provided screenshots of individuals that made purchases over a certain period of time, whereas only a few requested a full refund. This alone says this service is not a scam. The 30-day money back guarantee is your safety-net should you want to opt out.

Because there is no software to download when using this service, there are no issues generally associated with free TV software online. There is no malware or virus to be concern about. As far as IPCTV being legit/legal, they don’t hosting any of the streaming content on their website. Instead the service direct-connects using to the content found through open gateways over the Internet. The deliver everything to you in one place via TV players to make everything very convenient.

There is no P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks included which tend to have illegal video downloads (content with copyrights) from time to time. And no decoding/descrambling of paid TV signals whatsoever. From this standpoint, it makes the service legal but there is some gray area. The service tries to stay as legal as possible with legal forms posted on their website such as Privacy, Copyrights, and DMCA Take Notice. If any content provider wish to have their content remove, there are steps they must follow when contacting the IPCTV service.

Screenshots of Actual Sale/Refund Transactions…

Note: I had to become an affiliate in order to show the screenshots above from my account. These are real transactions so you can see the small number of refunds. Why are there refund requests? It’s beyond me but to each their own. Perhaps former members had a computer issue or Internet connection speed issue or they expected something else. As a product reviewer who helped some of my visitors/members, I found that some of them were new to computers and/or the Internet. This made it difficult for me to help them and hard for them to understand basic things. You need to have some basic computer, email and Internet knowledge, first and foremost.

IPCTV: Benefits

If you want to save money, time and effort, with all the work done for you, then this service is a no-brainer. If you want access to an unlimited supply of streaming content, more than cable/satellite, then IPCTV doesn’t fall short of the mark in that area. In fact, this service can be a good replacement to paid television. Here are some of the other benefits:

Rather than surf the web to find TV/VOD websites, TV channels/networks, sports, movies, TV shows, or whatever is of interest, everything is delivered to you in one place. This is the main benefit I found very beneficial when conducting my IPCTV Review of this platform and service.

IPCTV: Who Is It For?

After going through all the sections inside the members’ area and playing various types of streaming content, it was clear this service is designed mainly for English speaking individuals. The members’ area is written in English, so this language should be your first or second language in order to navigate freely throughout the members’ area.

English speaking individuals and countries such as USA and UK will benefit more. However, many countries and continents with streaming content are in other languages also. There are just too many countries with channels to cover. You can contact me to ask whether a certain channels/network or country is included or not (See Chat Now box in lower right bottom).

This service is great for those living on fixed incomes and tight budgets or someone who travels a lot. As long as you can get an Internet connection, you can watch many of your favorite television programs online.

Bottom-line: Anyone, from all walks of life, could use this service when using an Internet-connected device. But this will depend on what is of interest and what country is available. See below for what devices can be use:

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I-PCTV: Devices Can Be Used

Any Internet-connected device with web browser can be used with IPCTV. You can use a computer (Windows/Mac/Linux), tablet (flash-enable), smartphone, Google Chromecast, smart TV or game console with web browser, or connect computer to TV via HDMI cable.

PCTV Setup

Many individuals use a computer to gain access to the members’ area. Then connect their computer to an HDTV (TV on PC, Mac, Linux, Tablet) to watch everything on the big screen. The I-PCTV members’ area provides all the information needed. You can also refer to Connect Laptop to TV with HDMI Cable

If you have a computer, preferably a laptop, smartphone and one or more household TVs, you could set up your TV PC (computer) system this way:

Note: If you don’t have a router with WiFi and Ethernet connection capabilities, you should get one through your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Also, higher the Internet connection speed the better. Get 25 Mbps or higher Internet connect speed. Again, you can increase your Internet connection speed from your ISP such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, etc.

Connect all your Internet-connected devices to the router at home this way:

Connect the router via Ethernet cable to HDTV. Connect all other devices (computers, smartphones, etc) wirelessly.

Also, purchase a long HDMI cable that connects to both TV and computer (laptop). This way you can move the laptop near you to access IPCTV and control what you watch from computer to television. Whatever appears on your computer screen will appear on your TV screen.

If you don’t have a smart TV, connect your computer to it wirelessly (search for video tutorial). For any other TV, connect both TV and computer with HDMI cable.

How IPCTV Compares to Other Internet TV Services

If you are wondering how this TV PC service compares to PlayOn TV, Select TV, Sling TV or some other Internet TV services, think cost. Some 3rd party services make you pay a one-time fee or small subscription fee. On top of this, you must pay a monthly fee to any subscription-based TV provider you choose to watch their content online.

The cost can really add up when choosing multiple subscription-based TV providers. This cost would put you back in the same predicament with cable TV and satellite TV. However, you can pick and choose the content you want to pay for though PlayOn, rather than shelling out a higher cost for a bundled package elsewhere.

Sling TV is an over-the-top internet USA television service, which is owned by the Sling International LLC – a subsidiary of Dish Network. You can choose to pay any one of the lower cost online bundled TV packages. The cost is still higher than IPCTV. If you are searching for very low cost television solution, whereas you don’t lose favorite TV programs to watch, this is where you will benefit.

Unlike other Internet TV services, IPCTV doesn’t make members opt into any bundled package or pre-existing TV package at different prices. This is key to saving plenty of money compared to cable or satellite.

IPCTV: Downsides

There is no TV remote that allows remote channel surfing at will. The low price you pay makes this service a winner but there are some extra steps that must be catered to. However, the extra steps don’t outweigh the benefits. Also, there is no record feature that allows recording TV programs you watch online. However, there is a workaround that can be use – See Applian Video Capture Software

When using this TV on PC service, users must get in the habit of closing popups (ads and banners) at times — depending on the channel or on-demand content you want to watch online. You must close popups by clicking the small ‘x’ whenever and wherever you see them. There may be one or more small ‘x’ to close. This will be explained in the IPCTV members’ area.

To alleviate some of the tasks in closing popups, I use a Google Chrome web browser add-on called AdBlock Plus. This add-on or browser plugin is free to install. You can search for it online and install it free.

Once you know how to close popups and accustom to doing things, everything else becomes a piece of cake. When watching a live sporting event or on-demand movie, for example, you only need to close popups once. There’s no interruption when watching something in full screen (larger view) from the TV player where the sporting event or movie is viewed on your device.

Some channels may not play/work when wanting to watch them online. If this is the case, you can contact support via email to make them aware. However, I was told they are always aware of what channels from the Popular TV Channels and Sports TV Channels sections are no longer working. Support will fix the channels sooner or later.

When you visit the IPCTV website, be sure to read the FAQs section for important information. You’ll want to read about system requirements and picture quality also.

IPCTV: Is it Legal or Legit?

IPCTV does everything it can to stay legal. They don’t host any streaming content directly on their website which makes this I PCTV service legal from that standpoint. They also don’t decode/descramble any paid TV signals.

No P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Networks are included, which often have illegal video/movie downloads. When visiting the official I PCTV website, you will find Privacy, Copyright, and DMCA Take pages to read. These are legal pages which also helps content providers take the necessary steps to contact IPCTV to request content removal.

Watch TV on PC prerequisite: It is suggested that you read everything on the IPCTV website including the members’ area before watching anything, should you make a purchase. Keep in mind, this service is 3rd-party; they don’t own any of the content. They direct-connect to the all the streaming content and will periodically update the content by addition and subtraction.

If any of this makes you a bit uncomfortable about trying this service out, then perhaps PlayOn Plus will put you more at ease. However, the cost will be much higher when opting into any number of subscription-based TV providers that you choose.

IPCTV: Cost, Money Back Guarantee & Support

When comparing the IPCTV cost to cable/satellite cost, it’s a no-brainer why many people opt into this service. The cost is a one-time fee of $29.95 USD for lifetime access. No additional fees, no subscriptions, no contract. Everything mentioned in this IPCTV review is exactly what you receive – at no extra cost.

The money back guarantee makes it easy to try IPCTV out. If for some reason, you change your mind, you can exercise your right to a full refund. You get a full 30 days to request a refund – no questions asked.

Support is available 24/7. Normally, they reply to support emails within 24 hours. The only way to contact them is email. There’s no phone number nor other way to make contact.


By now, you should be able to see the benefits including downsides. This is a way to decrease some of the popups when installing a browser add-on. I have been using I-PCTV for several years now and have been happy with the service. They make life watching TV on PC online easier.

For the price of $29.95, a one-time, which is $10 less than their sister site (Direct PCTV), you get access to many of the same streaming content. You can read an extensive review of Direct PC TV, which is the sister site that delivers over 9,000 channels for $39.95 ($10 more for 9,000+ channels).

Also, five bonuses are included. These bonuses are related to watching TV online and one bonus includes the popup blocker mentioned earlier in this IPCTV review.

There is nothing to fear or be concern about when trying out IPCTV. The 30-day money back guarantee offers is your way out should you change your mind. You also have me to contact (See Chat Now box at bottom right) if additional information is needed. I still use this service a lot today.

When you do your due diligence to research this service further, you may want to exclude complaints online that were posted years ago. Try to find out if the person making the complaint received support and the issue was resolved. You can also contact support yourself, prior to making a purchase and ask questions. This is a good way to test their response time to see how long it takes them to respond to emails.

Keep in mind, many people post their grievances online and never report whether those grievances were ever resolved. The 30-day money back guarantee ensures getting a full refund so really there is nothing to worry about. There’s no scam here and your computer or device will not get a virus or malware from using the I-PCTV service/web-based TV/VOD platform.

Most channels and on-demand content that interest me do work/play. And if one of your favorites is not available, there are more than enough entertainment channels and on-demand content left to keep you entertained. The service have been around for years and will respond to your email support to answer questions or resolve the issue within 24 hours.

You can also contact me with IPCTV questions or have me check to see if a channel/network or country you want is available. Use the Chat Now box in lower right corner to send a message. Be sure to leave your name and email address, in case I have to get back to you later on.

This Conclude My IPCTV Review

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