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How to Watch Internet TV on PC, Mac and Mobile Devices

Internet TV on PC or MacNowadays, there are all sorts of ways to setup an Internet TV on PC, Mac or mobile system using software, hardware or a combination of both. Technology has come a long way that even a newbie can setup a web TV system and still enjoy watching favorite television programs and videos when viewing them online. Some of the best streaming media players and software today are available to serve different purposes.

Some of the brand names and technologies you probably heard of already are Slingbox, Boxee Box and Internet TV PC/Mac/Mobile Software. Here’s a quick breakdown of each to help you make a decision on which one to use:

Slingbox. There are different models to suit a particular need. Take for instance Sling Media Slingbox 350 by Sling Media. This technology simply connects to your cable set-top box, satellite receiver or digital video recorder (DVR) through component or composite sources. It has Ethernet connectivity that slings the media on your television at home online to any computer or mobile device. In essence, you can watch and even control your television including all its programming via Internet on any compatible computer, smart phone, tablet when using SlingPlayer software. The other models basically work the same way with some differences.

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Boxee Box. Another streaming media player is Boxee Box by D-Link. This technology lets you view your favorite television shows and movies with Vudu and Netflix Vudu instantly on your HDTV. To get the best Boxee Box experience, just use a wired, high-speed web connection. You can play music, videos or view pictures from anyplace on the Internet via home network or computer.

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Internet TV on PC Software (a.k.a. Internet TV Streaming Software). This technology is by far the easiest, quickest and cheapest setup out of the three. You simply download and install the TV player software and point/click to channels to play them. Depending on which brand, these products/services can work with any Windows PC, Mac OS X or Linux computer. It delivers 1000s of free TV channels (live/on-demand) and radio stations from the Internet. They are pay-to-download products that come with a service package to help enhance a lifetime of entertainment.

The pay-to-download Internet TV for PC services are better than the free ones and offer regular channel updates and Internet on TV Software“>Web TV software upgrades in a timely fashion. You can watch all kinds of television shows, movies, sporting events, news and other free content from the web. In essence, the software helps create a web TV system on the fly and can streamline as well as automate watching television online to save time.

No hardware installation or wire connection is required. Just a wireless or preferably a broadband connection (DSL or Cable) is needed. Channels inside the player are organized in their respective countries and genres. You can click a preferred channel link to play inside the player. One of the nicest benefits when using this Internet TV on PC technology is that you get to watch everything from one location, which means no more surfing the web to find channels or visiting one website after another.

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Record Internet TV on PC. When it comes to using a TV player software to WatchTvOnline or video you might want to consider Replay Video Capture for Windows or Jaksta for Mac software to record your favorite shows and videos since most of these Internet TV PC products don’t offer a record feature.

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Whichever method you decide, perhaps any combination of the three, most likely will be based on certain things. Take in consideration the amount of time you want to spend setting things up, tech involvement, your budget and type of entertainment you want to access through your Internet TV on PC system or your a Mac or Mobile device. Slingbox and Boxee Box will take a little more time to setup, a bit more costlier and little more technical.



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