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Internet Radio-Bring Your Sound System into the 21st Century

Internet Radio SetupInternet radio, along with satellite radio, XM radio, and other formats, have taken the communications world by storm. You can listen to music in your favorite genre, listen to a station across the globe, in other languages, or whatever your preference. LIVE 365 offers a way to become your own DJ and start an internet radio station yourself.

I did so and I have mine now running 24/7. You could set up your own internet radio station too using LIVE365’s technology, or another platform which allows this. Most people just enjoy listening to the various internet radio stations but only listen on their computer.

To integrate internet radio listening into your home audio system, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Connect an audio output cord, such as an RCA to mini cable from your computer’s sound card to your stereo or home audio system.
  2. Tune to your favorite internet radio station online. Find the station you wish to output to your system and adjust the volume output levels with the internet station’s volume controls, as well as your PC volume controls.
  3. Check volume output levels into your sound system and make sure the quality sounds good. Adjust further with your stereo volume input levels to make sure the quality you are getting is good.
  4. Integrate your audio processor or receiver by plugging into your receiver with an extra cable, using a splitter device. This way, you can control and hear the sound over your system in theater sound, if you have this type of setup in your house.
  5. Get an internet radio device and FM transmitter. You can now purchase a small “box” which outputs the signal of internet radio stations by connecting your server information with the particular format of radio feed to your audio device. The way these work is that you simply input your information associated with specific internet radio formats, such as Live365, Sirius Radio, and others, then it will find your accounts, and bring in your favorites list and other information. Then select the station you want to hear, and use a small FM transmitter device to output the sound. These can be purchased at any Walmart or Radio Shack, as well as other stores. Tune the FM transmitter device to a non-existent frequency, then bring in the sound on your stereo or radio at the same frequency. This will allow you to hear the audio output from your favorite internet station right on your radio!
  6. These are some fairly simple ways you can integrate internet radio into your home audio system. There are other ways you can do it, but the main idea is to output the sound from whatever you want to hear into your entire system. Anything coming from your computer can actually be “broadcast” in this way. You can even just plug in the FM transmitter from your sound out portal of your computer’s sound card for the same effect. Anything you are listening to from your computer can now be transmitted to your audio system via the radio.

Be as creative as you want when it comes to setting up your internet radio station feed into your sound system. It is a lot of fun to bring in this component, so you can listen to internet stations along with your other radio stations from the “real world.” Have fun!

Chris Neloms is a professional blogger that provides the latest information on the best home audio and home entertainment systems. He writes for CasaTunes, a premier home audio systems company.

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