How to Watch Internet TV in Windows Media Center


How to Watch Internet TV in Windows Media CenterHey guys and gals… For those of you wondering how to watch Internet TV with Windows Media Center, I’m going to show you how to do it.

Computers with Windows 7 now come with a new Internet television feature that provides free access to movies, TV shows/sitcoms and other free content coming from the web. You can get access to all the free content through Windows Media Center on your computer.


Using WMC to Watch Internet TV on Windows 7 Computer

Here’s how you check to media center to see whether or not you have the Internet TV feature. Computers that have Windows 7 Professional, Window 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Ultimate will have it. So if you haven’t upgraded your operating system yet, then you might want to do it now to make use of this special feature.


Requirements to Watch TV online in Windows Media Center

To get access to Internet TV, you’ll need an Internet connection — either wireless or preferred broadband (DSL or Cable) connection. However, keep in mind that Internet television isn’t available in all regions. You will know when it’s not available when you don’t see an option for Internet TV in Media Center.


What Content is Available?

You can watch all kinds of free content such as sports, television shows, news and sitcoms with episodes, videos, and so on — from just one location. That means you don’t have to comb the web to find something to watch or go from website to website.


Most of the content is totally free to watch TV online streaming live and on-demand channels, but in some cases a subscription is required. Take for example, Netflix — if you already have a subscription with them, then you can get access to movies from the Netflix Instant Watch queue within the Web TV feature.


How to Gain Access to Internet TV Media Center

  1. Click ‘Start’ button >> ‘All Programs’ >> ‘Window Media Center’
  2. From the WMC start screen, simply scroll to ’TV’ and click ’Internet TV’
  3. Next, scroll down and look either left or right to browse movies, videos, TV show, etc., to find something to watch, and then click it

Note: You may need to install 3rd party software depending on which service you select. Just click the check box, then click ’Install’

That’s it… all done!

Watch Videos…

Windows Media Center Internet TV – How to Record and Watch TV, Videos, Movies, Cable, and More




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