How to Watch Internet TV


How to Watch Internet TVAny person who wants to watch TV shows, movies, sports (eDigitalplace), news and other types of content online will find that it is not very difficult. Internet TV is a new technology that offers people the opportunity to receive live/on-demand channels and videos on their computer at any time whether they be broadcast, cable or satellite programs.

This is a versatile and functional way to start watching Internet TV and is also a testament to rapidly moving technological advances. Internet television offers users a level of control unavailable previously. It allows individuals to choose how, what and when they watch a program. It also gives them the opportunity to experience non-conventional TV viewing.


The Basics

Internet television works in a similar way to regular programs at home. The only difference between the two is the conversion from video to a suitable online format. This is performed via encoding which can be achieved using special programs called codecs. This results in digital files, such as video and audio so that viewers can watch Internet TV.

Once a video has been encoded, an Internet user will be able to access the file and view it. This can be done in several ways. For one, they can do so via a browser window, specialized software or hardware designed for watching TV internet channels/videos, and other connections such as a digital or set-top box, PCTV video/audio cable connector, TV tuner card and converter, just to name a few.

There are many TV and video choices that a person can watch online. Users are able to access conventional television programs and radio stations and even independent productions. They can also access live broadcasts as well as pre-recorded and on-demand videos.

There are even some programs which can be purchased or rented. Some videos can be viewed for free while others may incur a pay-per-view cost or subscription. There are also some programs which can only be viewed within specific countries.


Mobile TV

Mobile-TV is also another way to watch online TV. It is also one of the fastest growing sectors in the television industry. Many manufacturers are now using cell phones and PDAs to broadcast television shows and programs.

Most cellular phones and PDAs are coupled with mobile TV software which allows the device to stream videos from various websites and receive live television from countries across the globe.

Mobile television software is available in one package and can be downloaded straight to the cell phone or PDA. At an affordable price, many users are able to watch high quality videos and live streams in the palm of the hand. Another alternative is Internet based TV/VOD without downloading software — See IPCTV Review for more information.

Devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and most wireless tablets come complete with Net access and are the best types of devices to choose for mobile TV applications.


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How to Watch TV Internet Through Web-Based TV/Video Sites

There are many television websites to watch TV Internet videos and channels today. The two most popular sites are Hulu and Fancast. Hulu is a video-streaming website which gives users access to a variety of past television episodes.



The only downside of this site is that it cannot be viewed by persons outside of the United States. However, for individuals within the U. S, movies and television shows may be accessed at no cost. Hulu is a joint venture of NBC Universal, FOX Entertainment Group and ABC Inc.

Shows by any of these three partners are available for free at any time of the day. Hulu also offers viewing of shows from channels such as Fuel TV, NFL Network, Style, G4, Versus, Syfy, E!, PBS, Big Ten, Bravo, Oxygen, Current TV, USA Network and many more.

Fancast, now known as Xfinity TV, is very similar to Hulu and allows individuals the opportunity to watch full-length television shows, trailers, feature films and clips. They also show editorial content as well as news.

This site is best known for its extensive library of on-demand shows including Family Guy, Friends, South Park, CSI, Star Trek, The Young and the Restless and Arrested Development. The websites mentioned are only part of the thousands that are available online.


Watching TV Internet Through Software (Free/Paid)

How to watch TV Internet channels and videos is also possible when downloading free or paid Internet TV software. Once installed, this software can be launched on the computer at any time.

There are many affordable and useful Internet television programs available online. Many of them offer over 3,000 television channels and 2,000 radio stations from all over the world.


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There are quite a few TV Internet software packages available. There is Satellite Direct for Mac and Windows, Satellite TV for PC Pro, Elite & Titanium for Windows, Watch TV on PC for Windows and Stream Direct TV for Windows and many others. Some of these programs carry a one-time set-up fee, while some are free of cost.


Watching TV Internet Through Set-Top Box and PC to TV

A different way to watch web TV is through a set-top box, which is a specialized device that translates digital signals to a form which is suitable for a standard television set. A set-top box or STB is often commonly used as a PC to TV or vice-versa application.

Slingbox is a popular STB which allows users to transform their computer screen, laptop, cell phone or PDA into high quality television as long as they have the product and a high speed broadband connection.

Boxee Box is also an STB which connects a television to a computer or connects to any HDTV via a device known as a D-Link. This new technology allows using a television like a computer to surf the web, watch videos and channels, visit social media sites, etc., and offers many apps.

Google TV, on the other hand, has long been in existence. Now, users are able to surf the web or browse online content on their television sets without using a computer. Like Boxee Box, Google TV is still in the development phase with TV-ready STBs they have partnered with companies such as Sony and Logitech.

Watching Internet TV: In addition, there are HDTVs that have Google TV software already installed in them. Smart TVs such as the Sony Bravia HDTV with Google TV brings the web, TV/video content and social media with many apps to living rooms using a remote control.

Users are able to connect their small/large screen HDTV sets to their computers and browse Google’s vast content of television shows, videos and more. They are also able to connect any size/type of television set to a computer and watch live/on-demand Internet TV channels worldwide – See Our “Recommended” display in the Right Column.


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Online TV Through Windows/MAC Media Center and Gaming Consoles

Another popular method of watching television programs and videos from the web is with the Windows and MAC media center. Amongst being able to edit and publish personal content such as images and videos, both native programs offer users the ability to watch television shows and episodes with just the click of a button.


TV Internet Conclusion

These are just some of the available Technological advancements that have allowed users the ability to access television shows, videos and movies away from their TV set. One can watch these shows via website, or downloading software.

The Internet TV options we have available today will never be a difficult concept again and with time a vast majority of households will be watching it.


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