How to Watch Football Without Cable or Satellite

Three Great Ways to Watch NFL and NCAA Football Without Cable or Satellite TV and Save Money

If you are in a hurry to learn how to watch football without cable TV, then follow the instructions below. You can get access to all local, national and international games within your fingertips. This also includes watching preseason and regular season games as well as playoff and championship/Super bowl games.

Three Great Ways to Watch Football without Cable Plus Other Sports:

1. LiveTvWeb (eDigitalplace) – 247TvStream delivers live premium sports TV channels from all popular sports networks from the Internet. Watch live sports two ways: 1. Sports TV networks; 2. Daily live sports TV schedule with name, day and time of ballgame, and link to watch it immediately. Also watch any live sporting event worldwide. There are over 160 live premium TV channels but that’s not all. There are live channels from popular networks to watch movies, TV shows, news broadcasts and music videos also included. Use any Internet-connected device with web browser such as computer, tablet, smartphone, Chromecast, or smart TV. Three very low subscription membership packages offered. Play promotion video below…

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2. Direct PCTV also delivers many live premium sports TV channels from popular networks from the Internet. Also watch live sports two ways (see #1 service above). Not only can you watch any live NFL or NCAA football but any live sporting event worldwide. And there are other live premium TV channels to watch movies, TV shows, and news broadcast. Also on-demand streaming TV shows and movies are included. Very low one-time fee with lifetime access


3. For local OTA (Over-the-Air) channels from TV stations in your area. Here’s a very quick, easy setup: Buy an indoor HDTV antenna. Attach it to the back of the TV and attach antenna to the nearest window, higher the better. Or find an open area for the best reception. Grab the TV remote and scan for all local channels in your area. This is how to watch all local live football games without cable

These are the best low-cost ways how to Watch Football Without Cable, which are better than any free unreliable website. You save more money than subscription to any NFL or NCAA website or paid television company. There are other low-cost services online to watch live sports channels but you save more bucks with the services above. Pay either a one-time fee of $40 USD for service #2 or any one of the subscription fees, such as $18 for one month or $50 for twelve months (breakdown cost: 4.16/mo.) for service #1.

Remember, there are other live premium channels included to watch entertaining movies, TV shows, and news networks. These services are great for those living without cable and satellite or want to cancel/downsize their subscription. All this TV entertainment comes from just one source, unlike any dedicated live sports websites that only delivers sports.

How to Watch Football without Cable TV: Internet Connection Speed

Keep in mind, both web TV services above are 3rd party, they are not owned by, or affiliated with, any cable or satellite TV company. There is no contract, no bundled package, no local blackouts, no hidden fees, no other subscriptions to pay and watch what you want, when and where you want. Both services come with money back guarantees. This is what makes these methods on How to Watch Football Without Cable very beneficial.

Many people use these services to via laptop. They also connect a computer to HDTV or smart TV to watch games on the big screen. All NFL and NCCA games come with HD or SD picture quality. For the best of live sporting events worldwide including local games, #1 is the best service to use and more user-friendly. (Also visit my video how-to site learn and discover things about Internet TV)

When using a computer, you should have at least 25 Mbps Internet connection (download) speed. To test how much speed you have right now, go to You want to prevent any buffing and playback issue, especially during peak hours (7 PM – 11 PM) when most people are online.

Just remember, one of the important things to know about how to watch football without cable TV is having a high speed Internet connection. Faster the speed better the picture quality and overall performance. The more you invest in your Internet connection speed the happier you will be. Of course, contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to make your Internet connection faster will cost more.

If you are going to cut cable or ditch the dish, use the savings to invest in more speed if you don’t have at least 25 Mbps.
Also note that no VPN service is needed for #1 or #2 service above. Watch football no matter where you live or travel in the world. No one and no country will be blocked from using either service, #1 or #2. You just need an Internet connection.

How to Watch Sunday Night Football without Cable

With either service, #1 or #2 plus OTA TV setup above, this how to watch Sunday night football without cable. Consider investing in #1 or #2 and use #3 setup to watch OTA TV sports on your television. Either web TV service can also serve as a backup, in case the game cannot be viewed on your TV at home. This ensures access to any live sporting event including football games online or offline access, which also helps avoids any local blackouts.

Not only is money saved, you avoid any TV restrictions. Watching sports through an indoor HDTV antenna with a 50 or 100 mile radius offers better picture quality than cable and satellite. Or use an outdoor antenna if already setup. Most folks don’t know the picture quality is much clearer than cable or satellite TV.

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How to Watch College Football without Cable

Just like NFL games, use either service above and OTA TV setup. This is how to watch college football without cable. Watch any collegiate football game from any conference or your local team. Watch any live sporting event worldwide. This ensures that you’ll never miss a college game again, whether you’re at home or on-the-go. Remember for the best of live sports online, service #1 is the best choice.

The information provided here is the best low-cost setup for how to watch college football without cable. You can also watch any college game from any area inside the home when using a laptop or smartphone. Just maintain an Internet connection and you are good to go.

Check out service #1 and #2 to watch a video that takes you inside the members area to see the channel list, and watch sports channels play – Click either link above.

How to Watch Football without Cable: Sports Channels

When choosing service #1 or #2 above to watch live sports online and football, you will get instant access to many live sports TV channels and networks online. See list of sports channels. Many of them will be available to you without paying any additional subscription fee such as FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network, and so on.

From Somebody Who Knows…

I’m a web TV product/service user, tester, and reviewer. I have helped many people worldwide who asked me “how can I watch football without cable.” The same online services and OTA TV setup is the same information they receive, many of which are very happy today.

For individuals living without paid television, how to watch football without cable including other sports and non-sports channels have never been easier. And never has it been more cost-effective. You can keep your paid TV subscription if you want or downsize it. Use a second household TV for the online and offline setup provided above.

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