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How to Watch Free TV Shows Online Including Movies and Other Content

Note: I no longer recommend free TV software. I found something better that I have been using for years. It’s called Internet based TV (not software). These 3rd-party web-based TV/VOD services provide the best of web TV entertainment with live premium TV channels from popular television networks. Some of these services include on-demand TV and have dedicated live sports TV sections to watch any live sporting event worldwide.

You can watch entertaining old recent movies and TV shows including news broadcast and other streaming content from just one source. Picture quality, interface and channel delivery are so much better. If you get tired of free software, come back here and review my Top 10 Comparison Chart – Click Here.

Free Internet TV Software DownloadYou can find any free Internet TV Software download (good or bad; with or without support) over the web if you take time to search for them. To speed things up for you, I’ll be more than happy to direct you to free downloads – if this is what you really want. However, I encourage you to read the following if you want the best of web TV entertainment…

Have you thought about the differences between freeware, shareware and pay-to-download proprietary software?

Did you know there are some really good top brands out there that can be purchased for a small one-time fee or small monthly subscription fee including 5-day trial and free demo download?

Let me ask you this… What’s stopping you from enjoying the best of web TV entertainment? Tight budget? Scams? Not worth the money?

One thing you should know is opting for a free Internet TV software will never deliver all kinds of live/on-demand sports, TV shows, news, movies, radio and music from across the globe. You want to be able to watch many of the popular programs and favorite television shows online from one source.

We are talking about 3,500–9,000+ channels, videos, radio and music that you won’t find in any freebie. The #1 and #2 top brands offer more premium channels and other content than any free software. They simply have more popular channels that you’ll enjoy. Moreover, these pay-to-download products offer lifetime memberships, tech support including automated channel updates and free TV software upgrades in a timely fashion.


As for free Internet TV software, lets take a closer look at all the downsides…

Free TV Software Downsides

  • Don’t offer support or very little
  • No free TV software version upgrades or very infrequent
  • No timely channel updates
  • Poor to good technology
  • Most have very minimum feature enhancements
  • More old movies, shows and other old content
  • Live television shows but not as many
  • No service package w/ tech support
  • No TV guide
  • Connect computer to TV instructions
  • Bonuses
  • Recent movies
  • More live worldwide sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, soccer, tennis, golf, racing, etc.)
  • Dont’ offer best of web premium channels
  • Not all of them are compatible to Mac OS X computers

      Remember, you get what you didn’t pay for which is 100% free channels. Sooner or later you will get tired of the freebies and wonder what you may be missing on pay-to-downloads.

      Sure, there are some good TV software free download that you can download but then you have to be concern about your computer getting adware, spyware, malware or a virus. Not only that but the content may not measure up to what you really want. If you want to see many of the entertaining channels, videos, sports, movies and other content online like your television at home, then it’s time to take a step up.

      However if you’re only interested in watching one or few channels online via computer, then perhaps an Internet TV free software is better suited. To enjoy the best of online television has to offer, opting for a pay-to-download for a small one-time fee is something to consider. You get 1000s of free streaming (live/on-demand) channels, videos, radio stations and music that can be access with a stroke of a key. Just a small one-off fee gets you all the free channels you want including free service package to maintain everything.

      Here are some of the benefits you get from pay-to-download packages…

      Best Online TV Software Benefits

    • 1000s of exciting, premium channels worldwide
    • Next best thing to satellite and cable
    • Cost under $50 (one-time fee)
    • No hidden or additional fee
    • Can opt for low monthly subscription (depending on brand)
    • Watch more live sports and more recent movies
    • Lifetime membership w/ service package
    • TV guide (not all brands)
    • Regular automatic channel updates
    • Regular software version upgrades
    • Hi-tech TV player software
    • Better feature enhancements (some brands more or less)
    • 30 or 60-day money back guarantee (depends on brand)
    • Compatible to Windows and Mac OS X (depends on brand)

    If you are still not convince the pay-to-download products are any better, it’s time you read some product reviews that will enhance your knowledge.

    If you like, just click the link below where you will get all the information you need including product reviews by a real user with demo videos, screenshots, success rate, top 10 comparison chart and much more.

    Click Here for Top TV Software Packages


    If not, then I’m sure you want to find the best freebies out there. Have a look below…

    Best Free Internet TV Software for Your Computer

    StreamDirect Pro
    No way is this a free TV software download nor will this web-based TV/VOD ever be free but listen up! For $3.95 per month you can get access to the next best thing to cable/satellite. You get direct-connected to over 11,000 live TV channels with entertaining streaming content from many popular TV networks (live TV shows/talk shows, news broadcast, live movie channels, and so on). You get direct-connected to on-demand streaming content such as entertaining TV shows and movies.

    You also get direct-connected to premium live sports TV channels from popular sports TV networks. Watch any and all live sporting events worldwide daily sports. Sports are updated every 30 minutes so that you have the latest ballgames and events to watch online. If you think free TV software or free TV/VOD website will provide all this entertainment, think again. This service is close to being free as you can get; no way will you find this much entertaining streaming content from one place.

    StreamDirect Pro delivers 11,000+ channels from 100+ countries including radio stations, live sports, adult TV, on-demand TV shows and movies. Taking advantage of the $3.95 per month fee while it last is a no-brainer. You can cancel whenever you like, so taking advantage of this now allows you to see everything for yourself.

    You can use any Internet-connected device with web browser (computer, tablet, smartphone, Google Chromecast, Smart TV w/ web browser, etc). Or you can connect computer to TV via HDMI cable and watch everything that way. If you are looking for an alternative to cable and satellite, then this service would be it. I suggest you give it a try, before opting for a free live internet TV software.

    To Get Access to the $3.95 DISCOUNT Now While It Last – Click Here

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    PlayOn TV for PC Software
    This powerful new Window PC desktop TV software download brings together both free streaming content and subscription-based content providers under on roof. They are an aggregator service that you can use to watch, cast, stream, and even record (DVR technology) all your favorites with ease. PlayOn offers an all-in-source for live and on-demand TV entertainment.

    However, not all the content available is free to watch online. There are plenty of live premium TV channels/networks (subscription-based) available. If you are not a current subscriber, just sign up to any content provider such as HBO Go, ESPN, Netflix, Hulu, and so on. You can also log into those subscription websites through PlayOn and watch everything from within. No need to go any place else.

    The free download version lets you start watching entertaining TV shows, movies, and videos immediately. There are free and pay-to-watch content that comes from over 100 streaming content providers such as Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Neflix, Fox, Fx, Crackle, YouTube, ABC, CNN, HBO Go, and many, many more.

    You will enjoy the convenience and flexibility when using the app to watch what you want on/offline. Also, you can test the cast and record features called PlayOn Picks with limited access.

    If you want full access to all features such as casting, recording with AdSkip and other features, you have to purchase the Plus version. Although PlayOn was develop for Windows PC with an Internet connection, you can use any compatible device such as TV, mobile phone, streaming media device, or game console. Once any of those devices are connected to the same WiFi network as your Windows computer, you can watch, stream, cast, and record with those devices.

    Also see the new PlayOn Cloud for mobile devices…

    To Learn More, Read Our Full Review – Click Here – Or Watch the Video Below…

    Free Internet TV software

    To Visited the Official Website Now – Click Here


    Readon TV Movie Radio Player
    This application is one of the rare ones that offers some good feature enhancements like recording online music and television shows, auto update channel lists and auto shut down to name a few. Some of the content offered consist of 1000s of free global channels and radio stations including, but not limited to, downloading latest movies, variety of genres, live sports, adult videos. Etc.

    This player also delivers content from other free sources like SopCast, ShoutCast, and TVU player channels including Google YouTube. Thought it comes preloaded with many channels and features, the TV player software version hasn’t been updated in years. That’s what you get with freebies they don’t have the man hours to keep things up-to-date on a regular basis. Another downside — this TV software free download isn’t compatible to Mac computers.

    Nevertheless, this free Internet TV software download might be something you’ll want to check out further and compare it to the pay-to-download brands. Visit Official Website



    Offer live streams and RSS feeds as well. Be aware that your computer’s hard drive and bandwidth will be used a lot when downloading stuff. Just like the others, all the content is preloaded but not as much content.

    Miro is compatible to Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu and also has a link to Download Source & Other Distros on their website. Visit Official Website



    The Veoh Web Player gives you the ability to watch videos over 30 minutes on Veoh when using your web browser. Users can watch free TV shows online including videos, movies, music and other types of content. You can search for the content using the search bar, utilize the features within the ‘My Veoh which includes My Profiles, My Interest, Inbox, Friends, Favorites and so on. You can also upload/download videos, check out the groups and forums.
    Users can watch full-length high-resolution videos without downloading them. Once the Internet TV software free download is complete, users can watch videos in excess of 30 minutes directly in their browser.

    Compatible to Windows, Mac OS X 10.5 and up and mobile devices. Visit Official Website



    TVPlugin Not Recommended (StreamDirect Pro Instead)
    This service offers this tool 3-ways: free download version, very low monthly subscription and paid version for low one-oft fee. Delivers over 3,000 channels and over 5,000 radio stations with auto updates which removes broken streams and automatically updates channels daily. The TvPlugin is quite simple in scope, whereas features are at a minimum. However, it’s only compatible to Windows computers. See video below to get an idea how this tool functions. Visit Official Website



    To See Large List of Free Internet TV Software to Review and Download, Click Here

    One Side Note: Whatever free Internet TV Software you choose, be sure to add Playon as the other free TV Software. There’s just too many goodies included to watch TV shows free online. This include free TV shows full episodes as well as full-length movies and other streaming content online.

    Be sure to sign up and get your Free book — Th Ultimate Guide to Watching TV Shows Online — Look to the bottom of this page


    Click Here to Review the Best Pay-To-Download Internet TV Software and Non-Software Packages or TV Software Category


    Note: It won’t hurt to opt for both – top free Internet TV Software download and best pay-to-download brands. Opting for the latter offers next best thing to cable/satellite TV.


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