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eDigitalPlace, LiveTvWeb & 247TvStream Review by Real User

LiveTvWeb, eDigitalplace – 247TvStream Review… Play Videos Below to See Channels List and Watch Channels Play… Any questions, use Chat Now box. We Are Not support, employees, or owners.

Key Note: Because I used a free video recording software, my recording of live streams wasn’t quite as smooth and picture/audio was a little out of sync — due to the recording software. You will not get this on your end. I tested this service without the recording software and there was a much better performance. A better recording app should correct this issue or correct settings.

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Video on Left – Watch Sports Channels Play…

Video on Right – Watch Non-Sports Channels Play…

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This service is great for US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand TV Viewers. But any individual Worldwide that understands some English can use this service also. No Country is Blocked. Also Comes with 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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How to Watch Live Sports and Live Premium Channels with Movies, TV Shows, and News Broadcasts – Over 160 Channels

The ownership has two membership sites where you can choose one to join and become a subscribe. The following information covers LiveTvWeb Review, eDigitalplace Review, and 247TvStream Review

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This website/web page is Not eDigtialplace (or LiveTvWeb) – 247Stream Support. This is not the owner nor employee. You reached a product review. Do Not use the Chat Now box to leave a support message. If you can no longer log into the members area, their servers may be down or updating the servers. You must contact their support people and should always have their support email on hand when issues occur.

eDigitalPlace Review, 247TvStream Review, and LiveTvWeb Review. A growing number of TV viewers are searching for low-cost alternatives to cable and satellite TV, and for good reason. However, many fear they will lose all if not many sporting events (watch live sports) and premium channels. Because of this, they are reluctant to cancel. As for non-subscribers, there is no fear but paying the high cost is not an option.

eDigitalplace – 247TvStream is a 3rd party, online Internet-based live TV service that caters to both parties. Not only do TV viewers save money, they don’t lose many favorite sporting events and premium live TV channels. This service may be a good option, provided you are ok with watching everything online through an Internet-connected device.

eDigitalplace – 247TvStream is not a free web TV website to watch live sports and live premium channels online. Instead, it’s a low-cost subscription-based service that provides the best of worldwide sports. Also included are entertaining live premium channels from popular TV networks to watch TV shows, movies, news broadcasts, and music videos. Many of the premium live TV channels provided are found on cable and satellite.

Because they are 3rd party and not affiliated with any cable or satellite company, there is no high cost, contract, or bundled package. You can cancel at any time without a hassle.

You can also connect a computer to HDTV via HDMI cable and watch everything on the big screen. Unlike free 3rd-party TV websites, eDigitalplace – 247TvStream has a higher percentage of channels that work/play. All channels play in HD or HQ, and there’s no need to worry if concerned about your device getting a virus or malware.

Now, there is one caveat I need to mention. I am not a stranger to this service. In fact, I became an annual subscriber when joining the low-cost LiveTvWeb membership (same service) over a year ago. This service had some issues which caused former members to post complaints online — not so much about LiveTvWeb but mostly about eDigitalplace (same service) – long before 247 Stream was launched in 2017.

Even 247 TV Stream experienced some issues in the beginning, until a major overhaul was conducted on their Internet based TV platform and servers. The service changed the designed, improved the interfacing and added some new features. They also added more live premium channels (over 160 and counting).

The complete upgrade of eDigitalplace – 247TvStream live appears to have eliminated past technical issues. As a result, I would say any past complaints you come across — prior to April 2017 — should be ignored. I suggest you watch the video review above to see channels play and watch the video below to see the members area and complete eDigitalplace channel list.

eDigitalplace Channel List (160 Live Premium Channels)

The eDigitalplace channel list is now called 247TvStream channel list. The latter was introduced in 2017 and has a new and different design to go with it. Quite frankly, I like this design better and most channels do work/play.

I came across one channel that didn’t play. But after reloading the page, the channel played. If a channel doesn’t play after reloading the page, just wait awhile and play the channel later. Also clear your web browser cache. If the channel still doesn’t play, contact support. There are some backup channels (not all channels) — in case the main channel is down.

I have provided an eDigitalplace – 247TvStream introduction video below with the complete 247TvStream channel list…
Note: Ignore everything in the video except channel list. Some things have changed including the pricing, and more channels were added after the video was created.

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Watch Sports Live – Popular Sports & Non-Sports Networks

Name any sports TV network, and more than likely you will find it on 247TvStream live. For instance, you can find a BT sports live stream to watch BT sport online TV live on your device. This also includes BT sports NFL. Here are the names of some popular Sports TV networks:

ESPN, Bein Sports, Sky Sports, Moto Sports, Astro Sports, CBS Sports Network, NFL Network, NHL Network, Sports Net, Pac 12, Star Sports, Premier Sports, Eurosport, Fox Sports, Racing UK, and many, many more

Here are some of the non-sports premium channels included:

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, AMC, CNN, MSNBC, Animal Planet, Discover Channel, Discovery, Aljazeera, Spike, BBC, Showtime, Sky Movies, and many more.

Picture Quality

Expect HD or HQ picture quality from all channels. This has always been one of my concerns when trying free and low-cost 3rd party web TV websites. You will be pleased with the quality which is good enough to watch on your big screen TV when connecting a computer to HDTV or smart TV. If you have a smart TV with web browser, simply use it to visit the members login page to watch your favorites online.

Memberships: LiveTvWeb Review, eDigitalPlace Review, and 247TvStream Review

What is eDigitalplace Streaming and LiveTvWeb? Both are separate membership websites (nothing different about them) where individuals can sign up and join either one. Whichever membership the individual joins, and once logged in as a member, s/he will be sent to the 24/7TvStream website. This is where you get access to all the streaming content to watch live sporting events and live premium channels online.

As for 247 TV Stream, this is not a TV app or software download for your device to watch the steaming content. You simply log into the members area (Internet-based TV website) to watch live premium channels, many of which can be found on cable and satellite. There is no on-demand content, only live premium channels.

One thing you should know, however, is this service doesn’t provide local OTA TV channels from television stations in your area. If you are going to cancel cable/satellite TV, a good indoor HDTV (amplified) TV antenna can be used. This setup will provide all your local OTA channels. You will notice right away the crystal-clear picture, which is better than cable and satellite. See how to get local OTA TV channels without cable.

How does eDigital place – 247TvStream Work? Because there are too membership websites (LiveTvWeb & e Digital place), we’ll focus more on the most popular, eDigitalplace – 24/7TvStream. The process is no different when logging into Hulu or Netflix, only in this case there’s no on-demand streaming content — just live TV.

The channel list displays all premium live eDigitalplace TV channels (24/7 TV Stream) in alphabetical order, by column. There are channel names with a live link for each. Just click the channel name (link) and channel will start to play automatically inside the TV player. Over to the right is the ‘Show Program Guide’ button. Clicking it will open a list of scheduled TV shows, news or movies with times.



There are over 160 live premium channels from popular TV networks including premium live sports TV channels. eDigitalplace sports channels are also grouped into sections which makes them easily accessible to play. All of them can be found under the ‘Full Channel List’. Above where the TV player plays the channel are tabs to help navigate around the members area website. To the far left of those tabs, there’s a search box feature that allows you to enter and search for a specific channel name.


At the time of this eDigitalplace review, the tabs listed are:

The ‘Daily Sports Live’ tab includes two sub-categories:

Watch live sporting events instantly…

The ‘Regular Schedule’ includes a daily live sports TV schedule (complete listing) with title of the sporting event, start time, and TV channel link. There’s a lot of eDigital sports listings to comb through. Whatever worldwide sporting event is broadcast for that day is listed here. This includes local, national, and international sporting events. Just click the sporting event name (link) at the scheduled time to watch it online

Any member, from any country, can get access to, and watch, a favorite sport/team/ballgame online. This also includes watching preseason games, tournaments, playoffs, Superbowls, and championship games. Just name any sporting event and if its broadcast OTA, there’s a good chance you can watch it online. This means, NCAA college games, Pro games, Eurosport, Premier League, etc.

To watch eDigitalplace rugby, you can click the ‘Rugby Live Here’ which contains several sub-categories. As you can see, e Digital Place makes it extremely easy to find and watch any live sporting event or non-sports channel.

Many individuals search the web to find eDigitalplace NFL, eDigitalplace football, NBA basketball, MLB Baseball, NHL hockey, soccer, tennis, boxing, golf, Olympics, racing, wrestling, NCAA college games, and so on. This service has all sporting events, and other entertainment channels.

I’m from the United States so there was something else I particularly liked when reviewing the new platform — the ‘USA Sports Live’ tab. The eDigitalplace TV service made it easy for US sports fans to find and watch seasonal sporting events. I was able to watch the NBA finals with crystal clear picture.

At the time of this eDigitalplace review/247TvStream review, they had the following seasonal subs-categories:

Note: This section is updated as seasonal sporting events occur.

[Recap] There are two ways to watch sports live online (eDigitalplace sports):

  1. Live premium sports TV channels/networks
  2. Daily live sports TV schedule

The ‘FAQ’ tab has plenty of important information with questions and answers to help you get started. Although you don’t need to read this section to start watching TV online, it’s something you should read. Some download links are provided if there’s anything need to be install. I recommend installing the Adblock web browser plugin. This will prevent some of the popup ads that everyone hates.

You won’t be able to avoid television commercials. There’s no getting around this. And if you are wondering about a DVR feature, you are out of luck. However, I recommend that you review a popular video recording software that will allow you to record anything.

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Who is 247TvStream Live TV for? You should understand some English to use this service. Any Sports fan worldwide should want to use this service to watch online sports. This service is great for US, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland TV Viewers. Here’s a longer list of who can benefit this service:

There are edigitalplace sports for everyone to enjoy watching over the web, and many of them play in other languages, besides English. You can watch your country or team play such as Indian Premier League – Cricket Games or UK eDigitalplace Rugby (England National).

No country is blocked from getting access to all channels. It doesn’t matter where you live or country you travel. As long as an Internet connection can be established, members can watch what they want, when and where they want.

Is 24/7TvStream a Scam, Legal [Legit], Safe? I mentioned earlier that I’m not a stranger to this service. I’m still a current member. I don’t feel eDigitalplace – 247TvStream is a scam. But you can do your due diligence to research further. There are complaints made online, perhaps more than what’s normal. But I would say to ignore them because of the complete upgrade that took place.

What I do know is that the owner/workers are foreign, so communicating with them can be somewhat challenging. You’ll have to be judge for yourself when watching the video that I made (see above). LiveTvWeb, eDigital, and 24/7 TV Stream live are safe. There’s no virus or malware. However you should have security software applications install on your computer or device regardless.

Here’s where discretion is required. Because eDigitalplace – 247 live stream is 3rd party and don’t own any of the content delivered, you may come at a crossroads – when deciding whether or not to use the service. This is something only you can decide, not me nor this eDigtialplace – 247TvStream review.

How You Benefit? Once you discover what the subscription fees are (see below), you will immediately see the savings – compared to cable/satellite. There are over 160 premium live TV channels with live sports, TV shows, movies, new broadcast, and music videos. You get access to entertaining old/recent movie channels, worldwide news channels, and many TV shows. Never again will you miss any sporting event with this service. Here are the other benefits:

When using the 247 TV stream live platform no hardware or software is needed. Members can start watching favorite TV content in HD and HQ picture quality immediately

What Devices Can Be Used? eDigitalplace allows you to use only one device at a time when logging into the 247TvStream website. You can use only the following Internet-connected devices: Laptop or desktop computer (Windows, Mac, Linux – Adobe Flash compatible), tablet (Adobe Flash enabled), mobile (Android, iPad, iPhone), or connect your computer to your TV.

The following devices with web browser will not work with this service: Game consoles; streaming media devices such as Amazon Fire TV player/stick and Chromecast; smart TV with web browser.

Many individuals use a laptop computer to watch what they want, from any location, in or out of the home. If you can establish an Internet connection, you can watch what you want from eDigitalplace – 247TvStream. I simply connect my Internet-connected laptop via HDMI cable or wirelessly if when using my smart TV.

I have a modem/router with Ethernet cable and wireless connection. I connect my WiFi network to my smart TV via Ethernet cable and connect all other devices wirelessly. Keep in mind, higher the Internet connection speed, better the picture quality and overall performance. I have 150 Mbps download speed which is pretty fast. I’m able to avoid buffering and playback issues and peak hour issues when more people online. Also, I can avoid playback issues when connecting more devices to my WiFi network.

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Costs, Subscription Memberships, Money Back Guarantee & Support

Three subscription membership options (12 month, 4 month & 1 month): To see price options with 40% DISCOUNT – Click Here for USD Currency or Click Here for Euros Currency for 7-Day Trial


If you compare the cost to cable or satellite TV, you see the great savings. And if you are a bit reluctant, they offer a one month subscription to try it out. Unless this part has changed, which doesn’t seem to be any indication that it has, you get a 7-day money back guarantee. You must contact the service directly to request a full refund.

If there’s an issue of some kind or you have a question, simply click the Support link in the members area to submit a ticket. I have contacted support before which generally takes within 24 hours for them respond back. They have a good response time. But you need to have patience with their communication. English is a little challenging for them.

There is no phone number to contact support. If you an issue should occur, be patient. They will get back to you. But make sure you thoroughly explained the issue and try to write like a grade schooler.

LiveTvWeb, eDigitalplace – 247TvStream Pro and Cons


The 24 7 TV Stream interfacing is fast and smooth. Channels play quickly which depend on the speed of your Internet connection. The picture quality comes in HD and HQ, so there’s no complaints there. They did a very good job upgrading to the new platform which now uses a different of servers. All channels stream with less buffering issues than before, so it seems.

As for the latter, you should run security scans on your computer or smartphone. This will cleanse your device, if applicable, and free it from whatever is making it run slow. If any buffering or playback issue occurs, close any open applications running in the background that are connected to the Internet – such as Skype.

The members area is user-friendly and requires no instructions to navigate it. Finding whatever is of interest is easy and there’s a Search bar to find specific channels by name. There are two ways to watch sporting events online with so many premium live sports channels/networks plus sports listings included.

There’s something here for the entire family (preteens, teens, adults). Just watch the video review above to see many live premium TV channels. Most channels work/play and if one doesn’t work. If support is needed, they usually have a 24-hour response time. Sometimes, you’ll hear from them within an hour or two.

If you already cut the cable cord or ditched the dish or thinking about it, this service makes a good alternative. But even if wanting to keep cable/satellite when using this service on a second household TV, can be a benefit as well. You can consider downsizing your paid TV subscription and use eDigitalplace – 247TvStream to watch live sports and other channels with savings.

This service lets you watch live sports and non-sports premium channels without cable or satellite. Just add an indoor HDTV antenna with a 50-mile radius (or greater radius) to get local OTA TV channels. You don’t lose much in TV content when using 247 TV Stream. When getting access to both online TV and local OTA TV channels, you get the cost savings and best of both worlds.

You can use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or any free or low-cost VOD website in conjunction with eDgitalplace – 247TvStream. I suggest you download the free PlayOn desktop software. It brings together both free steaming content from the web and subscription-based content providers. Watch the free content and pay any content provider (subscription) you want to watch such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.


There’s not much here, so I’m just nitpicking for the most part. There’s no on-demand content to watch movies and TV shows. But with all those live premium TV channels, do you really care? You probably already have Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime or Netflix to watch on-demand movies and TV shows. If you have a streaming media device/game console with web browser, it will not work with this service.

Also a smart TV with web browser won’t work either, unless you can find a Adobe Flash install — good luck with that. I tried a 3rd party smart flash TV app and had to jump though many hoops to try to download it — I gave up.

There is no record feature but there’s nothing stopping you from using a video recording software (DVR). Again, this is just nitpicking because there’s not much here. English is not their primary language, so English can be somewhat challenging. In addition to submitting a ticket for support, you can also contact them on Skype.

That aside, there is one important note that needs to be addressed. Before the complete upgrade this service launched sometime in April 2017, many complaints by former users were already posted online. This review was not provided to sway your opinion but it appears some if not all past issues, relating to the streaming content delivered, have been resolved. This is my on-hands observation when conducting a full physical review of the new platform.

However, one issue still remains. The owner and support personnel have a little communication issue. English is not the primary language which makes it somewhat difficult communicating with them at times. Make sure to write in grade school form and describe your issue to support that’s easy to understand. I would also add, watch the videos in this review to see how the content is delivered, the quality, and entertainment.

Lastly, this service does not own the content delivered nor are they licensed. They are 3rd-party and not affiliated with, nor related, to any cable or satellite company. Some discretion must be used if going to give this service a try. Many people worldwide are using this service to watch their favorites online at low cost.

Conclusion: Is It Worth the Money?

By the end of the day, you can watch sports online live from many popular sports networks. And even watch them from the daily live sports TV schedule. With access to over 160 live premium TV channels, and counting, never again will you miss a live sporting events. And if watching live sports isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of entertaining non-sports live premium channels available. This includes entertainment TV shows and movies, worldwide news channels, as well as music videos. This comes without any high cost, bundled package, or contract. The cost savings and entertaining eDigital streaming content delivered should be enough to want to give it a try.

You entertain the entire family and friends. Use eDigitalplace – 247TvStream when all other household TVs are in use by family members. This service is also great for college student who want to conserve less space in the dorm room and save money. Sports fans that want to be prepared in case something goes wrong can use this service as a backup. Ever had a TV go on the blink or had to be someplace else?

Having the option to watch live sports on your Internet-connected device is a benefit by itself. You can watch premium channels or watch live sports on your smartphone or computer connected TV with eDigitalplace – 247TvStream access. If you can get beyond past complaints, this service may be the thing you’ve been searching for online

This Completes Our LiveTvWeb Review, eDigitalplace Review, and 247TvStream Review

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