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Review of: DishNetPC
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DishNetPC TV on PC Systems
34.95 USD (One-time Fee)

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If searching for Streaming TV Software made for Windows with over 10,000 web channels, radio stations and Prime-Time videos on-demand, then DishNetPC doesn't fall short of the mark. This technology allows users to get access to over 80 countries with all types of content for TV online viewing at an instant which includes all kinds of live/on-demand sports, shows, movies and the list goes on.


With a success rate in the upper 80% bracket, this service delivers mostly everything it promises and allows up 3 computer installations - Unlike some of the other brands that only allow one computer install. This service has been around for years and continues to improve the technology inside of their TV player year in and year out. Get access to plenty of sporting events and matches from around the world.

This technology also allows users to add streaming media content from the web such as adding favorite videos from YouTube into the TV Player with a stroke of a key. Instructions are made simple when trying to add content from many video sites. Essentially, this allows the user to personalize (customize) his/her player. Also includes bonus software for even more online TV entertainment.


Unfortunately, this service/product isn't compatible to Linux and Mac computers. The service doesn't offer a free trial but proven not to be a scam and money back guarantee is legit. However the same few downsides exist just like all the other brands that are similar. Some channels will come and go, some blurry picture at times and so on, but pros do outweigh cons.

The Verdict:

Overall this service and software is worth looking into and best suits those looking to get access to more channels, videos and radio from around the world.


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DishnetPC TV Software Review

Ultimate Live Sports Online Package Included + Bonuses
VoD Videos on Demand Toolbar
Compatible to Windows, XP & Vista OS
Membership $34.95 USD (one time fee)
15-Day Money Back Guarantee – PayDotCom/PayPal


DishNetPCDishnetPC Review: If you are here because of the high cost of Cable/Satellite TV or live where there’s no service in the area, then perhaps there’s something here for you. Then again, maybe there’s not enough TVs in the household to accommodate everyone (namely you) or you just like the idea of being able to watch favorite shows on your computer when you want, when and where you want.

The DishNetPC TV service claim they can provide that and more which will be the focus of our review as we enlighten you more on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Transforming your desktop or laptop computer into a super Web TV system is now easier and faster because of software that can be downloaded and installed to your hard drive. However, you will have to determine whether or not the totally free way to watch Internet TV that requires surfing the web to find your own channels is better for you.

As for the paid version, like DishnetPC, you are not burden with any hard work such as installing hardware and video/audio connectors or searching for channels on your own. In fact, there are no monthly fees to pay which makes considering these products worthwhile. The DishNetPC service promises to deliver over 10,000 premium TV on PC channels instantly to your Windows PC that even the newest of newbies can download, install, and start watching all kinds of programs in no time flat.



This service also promises to help you watch your favorite sports, TV shows/episodes, movies and even listen to radio stations and music without having to search for them online yourself. So there’s no spending time and effort looking for stuff on the web or trying to figure out where and how to get started.

DishNet PC brings everything together that your computer needs in order to set everything up the right way. In other words, it does a good job of keeping you in one location where you can access everything. This also means you are no longer obligated to visit website to website to find what you want to see.

This method offers a quick, easy setup when following simple instructions that can be completed just under five minutes. When visiting the website, there is a list of channels (just some of them) included in the package that you will get access to such as, FOX, BBC, SKY, CNN, and many others from across the globe.

If you are a sports fan, you’re in luck because there’s a sport section that helps you pinpoint all the sports you love with access to schedules. The date and time of each event are included as well as links to open the appropriate TV player to start watching a particular event or match.

That said, like traditional television, you can watch favorite shows around the clock (24/7). So there’s plenty of action once you find channels that interest you. And, you can easily add them to “Favorites” so you can get access to them quicker. By the way, there’s more sports channels available than Satellite and Cable services.

Even if you are not into sports, this service delivers tons of programs from across the globe so that people from all walks of life and ages can watch channels, in English or in a different language, from their homeland.

Although we didn’t count the number of channels to see whether or not there are over 10,000 of them from 80+ countries existed, we did however performed a visual inspection inside the TV player and concluded there are more channels available than most other packages. You can watch live and on-demand programs from almost any country but understand some countries will have more channels than others.

While DishNetPC TV is considered one of the popular brands out there today, it’s not for everyone. Especially for those who are only interested in watching one or two of their favorite shows. If that’s the case, it’s not worth the small one-time fee.

It’s also not for those expecting to watch free paid premium Satellite/Cable channels. That’s not what the software is designed to do and it’s illegal had this service made them available – same thing goes for other products that are similar.

If you are expecting to see HD (high definition) quality channels, expect some disappointment. However, that’s not to say you won’t receive high quality live and on-demand Internet TV channels. Unfortunately, many of these products tend to be over hyped in this area.

To explain further, one downside to these products is that you can expect good picture quality for the most part. Getting the best quality has a lot to do with your computer, Internet connection speed and channel source, just to name a few.

If you want to get high quality and performance out of watching Web TV when using these products, you will need a DSL or High Speed Internet Connection — at least 1Mbps or more. Higher the connection speed, the better the picture quality and overall performance. But that’s not all.

When testing the software (i.e. TV player) and many products like it on our computers, including a 2006 old Toshiba Satellite laptop, everything worked well enough. But to be honest if you have a fairly new computer with top of the line multimedia and video software and HD screen, you’ll have better quality and performance when using more than 1Mbps connection speed.

But, this doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a new top of the line computer and pay the highest connection speed money will buy, it simply means some flaws can be expected until technology catches up with Internet television.


DishNetPC Pros and Cons

Considering what this software package can and can’t do, it was good enough to be included in our top 10 Internet TV Software packages, but there are some downsides to consider before making a purchase.

You will experience some picture blurriness and ‘choppy’ videos at times from some channels. You will also experience some broken channel links and channels coming and going due to different times zones (different countries) where programs are streamed from over the web.

Keep in mind the service doesn’t own the rights to any of these programs that you will be watching on your computer. Everything is perfectly legal and safe to watch because of a Government loophole that permits this free gateway to channels online — at least for now.

There’s more good news: Once you get familiar with the DishNetPc TV player, which is the actual software, you’ll come across feature enhancements that will help offset some the shortcomings just mentioned. For instance, you can update channels by adding new ones and getting rid of broken channels. You can also add your own channels when finding them online and add to favorites.

Another nice feature is the full screen which allows you to watch a program across your entire computer screen.

Adding your own channels automatically rather than the service doing it helps put DishNetPC in a higher class. A few years ago, a vast majority of these services made users contact them whenever they wanted to add a new channel, and they had to report broken links to have them removed. Now you can do everything yourself with a click of a button.

What also separates this software service from other top leading brands that charge $50 one-time and upwards is that DishNetPC offers a lot more channels for the price of $34.95 USD (one-time fee). In essence, you get more bang for your bucks.


How It Works

No extra hardware or wiring is required to create a super Web TV system – just your Windows, XP, Vista, Windows 7 computer desktop or laptop with a broadband connection. A wireless connection is doable but expect some limitations where broadband channels don’t load and play.

Once you make a payment to download the software, you become a member and receive free on-going tech support, software upgrades, and channel updates from the DishNetPC database. You receive emails immediately after making a payment – one email comes from the payment processor who provides your order number for you to look up in case something goes wrong or have questions pertaining to the order.

The other email comes from the service who provides basic instructions with a link to the member’s (download) area.

You get everything needed including links to download free media software if your PC requires them. A link to download the DishNetPC TV player, and other links to various sites/software to watch sports, live/on-demand TV, etc.

You also get access to bonuses that come with the package to enhance more Web TV entertainment and enjoyment. The value comes when you are able to setup your computer to watch favorite programs within minutes.

Once you download and installed the software, it sits as an icon on your computer screen. You simply double click the icon and the TV player opens up. From there, you begin to see the streamlining and organization of channels by country, genre, etc.

You simply point and click to programs you want to watch, and it doesn’t get any simpler than that. No manual is provided because everything is pretty much self-explanatory. There will be some instructions for you to follow.

If you are thinking about doing this on your own to avoid paying the one-time fee like others have, you must surf the web initially to find websites that have channels you want to see. That means visiting site to site because no one site carries all channels.

Next, once you find these Web TV websites, you must save their URLs by bookmarking them on your PC to watch later. For every new website you find on your own, you do that same thing over and over.

What the player does is deliver everything to you instantly, while allowing you to update channels and add your own. You get new channels quicker this way which also allows you to personalize the TV player more to your liking.

So in other words, you get to stay in one location pretty much because everything you need starts in the member’s area. Furthermore, the service keeps you from harmful websites that could bring a virus, spyware and other malware to your computer.

You are out of harms way when trusting the service to deliver exciting sports, TV shows/episodes, movies, and other free media to your computer.


How You Benefit

  • Helps create super Web TV system using your desktop TV)
  • Makes a great extra television
  • Helps create super Web mobile TV system using your laptop (watch any location)
  • Saves time and effort setting up your PC compared to doing everything yourself
  • Saves money compared to Satellite/Cable monthly subscription fees
  • Never miss a favorite episode or sporting event again
  • Streamlines and organizes the delivery of 10,000+ channels and 80+ countries
  • Great for bilingual and multilingual individuals as well as for some studying a foreign language
  • And many more

We think the greatest benefit to using the DishnetPC service is creating a mobile Web TV system using a laptop, which we did exactly that. You can watch what you want, when you want, from any location in or out of your home. Meaning, you can create an extra television for work, college, a trip, or when traveling afar.

This service provides an easy way, but even better, a quick gateway into Web TV that keeps upgrading itself so that you’re always be up to date on what’s available over the web.

For the price of $34.95 USD, you may look at it as a bargain when comparing this software service to other services out there. With over 10,000 channels and 80+ countries, you get a lot more with this service that continues to be successful in such a competitive market.

In the end, this service will have you setup under five minutes. Despite some of the downsides, some of them can be offset when using the available features enhancements.

One last thing, the DishnetPC software comes with a 15-day money back guarantee, not 30 or 60 days that other services provide. This is not a drawback of any kind because it generally takes new users within a couple of days to decide whether or not to request a full refund. So if you can see the value, we think you will be pleased.

End of DishNetPC Review


Features - 4GoldStars
Image of DishNetPC Rating - Price: 5GoldStars


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Internet TV researcher, tester and enthusiast enjoys sharing and delivering information to like-minded individuals interested in watching TV on their computers, televisions, and mobile devices.

  • Doug Edwards

    Bought this program because it advertised I would be able to watch live sports. Especially football. The channel list for USA did not show a single sporting event. Wasted my money.


    Hello Doug, DishNetPC also provides additional software that includes sporting events along with a separate p2p section through the toolbar. You can find worldwide sports schedule which allows you to watch all kinds of sporting events but you have to install whichever software is needed to view it. Or view live channels like abc, cbs, espn, spike or whichever station you want to see the event in place with the TV button and list, so long as the station provides it.

  • Jim Lee

    In your review and a problem someone was commenting about … it said:

    “enter your name and email’

    … what is meant by “enter your email”? Do you mean a serial or validation number or something like that that in given to us in an email?

    I have a second computer, do I have to buy a second software? And what happens if I buy a new computer?

    Thank you, Jim

    Admin: Hello Jim… When signing up to become a member, you will be required to provide accurate information, including a valid email address to receive emails after you pay for the membership. Like other Internet TV software products, Dishnetpc will change things from time to time. The simple instructions will guide you through the download/installation process. During the sign up process, you need to enter an email address that you use/check often and be sure to check your Spam/Junk mail if you don’t see the expected emails that have follow up instructions.

    There will be an activation/license key but the instructions will explained all of that to you. That’s why it’s important to provide the right email address when signing up. You may also be taken directly to the download page after making a payment.

    Question Two: When last checked the license you receive allows you to install the software up to 3 computers. Therefore you should be able to download and install the software up to three different machines. However, I suggest you contact DishnetPC directly with your inquiry just in case they changed some things.

    As long as your new computer is Windows-based, you should have no problems but keep in mind that none of these products are 100% guaranteed to work for every computer — due to other hardware and software already installed that may cause a conflict, however, this is very rare.

  • posicionamiento web en buscadores

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  • Jack Buta

    2 quick questions- Is this program compatable with Windows 7?.Can I get BBC America on it?


    • Hi Jack,

      Philip here… Dishnetpc works on all Windows but what I want you to do is contact Dishnetpc directly and ask them about Windows 7. Reason is (a) this merchant will change things from year to year, so I don’t want to commit myself and give you a 100% yes to Windows 7 and BBC America; (b) you will want to send them an email with your questions and to test their response time also.

      That way, you will know up front (before making a purchase) whether or not their tech support is on the ball. Remember, InternetTvDotCom only offers Information, tips, news, and product reviews. We are not licensed sellers of any of these products nor are we software merchants.

      Also, keep in mind that many of the top leading brands like Dishnetpc give you the ability to add your own Web TV channels to the TV player, such as BBC America. It’s a great way to personalize the Dishnetpc TV player and keep everything in one place, rather than storing channels somewhere on your computer.

      And another thing… since Dishnetpc doesn’t offer a free trial, you should test your computer to see if you experience a software-to-computer incompatibility issue. Look the left column of this site and find ‘Free Trial’ software. Download one or both of them to test on your computer.

      You also get to see whether or not the free trial software, which is suppose to be compatible to all Windows, works okay with your Windows 7.

  • VG

    International Programming

    Can you send me details of the itnernational programming offerred. I’m perticularly interested in southasian channels.


  • Richard Case

    I had the sw for about a year, then a couple of days ago I got a message stating that I needed to reload the SW, when I tried to open it.

    I reloaded the SW and then no channels woulld play.

    I paid again, downloaded and installed the product.

    In the directions it is stated that when you open the sw the first time to enter your name and email.

    I did not get this screen, the app just opened.

    Then when i try any channel it goes through the motions aa if it were going to play, and then the message displayed is “channel not available”. This happens on any channel i try, probably because the app is not associated with a vail account, since I did get the opportunity to enter name and email.

    I put the SW on another amchine and when i opened it i did get the sign in screen and the programm works.

    Now with all this explanation all i need now is a way to force this screen to enter the name and email.

    Please advise.

    Thanbk You

    Richard Case

    • Hello Richard,

      Phil here… Did you try to perform any of the instructions I gave you and did you email tech support over at DishNetPC with the same detailed information you’ve given me? If not, please do so.

      Your issue seems to be related to a DishNetPC software conflict with the old and new. Did you completely remove the old edition of DishNetPC software first before downloading/installing the 2010 edition? Remove both the old and new editions from your computer’s hard drive. Go to your ‘Control Panel’ and click the ‘Add or Remove’ icon and precede with removing both versions from your computer. Once that’s completed, re-install the 2010 edition software and see if it works. If that doesn’t work, read below…

      Mentioned in my ‘Help Section’ – also explains the following…

      “…try uninstalling the software than reinstalling it on your computer. However, make note that reinstalling the application may not work either. For the best way to uninstall it if a Windows user is removing the registry entries for the software (TV player), I recommend using the free Revo Uninstaller for this. Then all you need to do is reinstall the application.”

      If DishNetPC still doesn’t work, then read my previous information to begin troubleshooting any issue. I’m hoping you can at least get the sign in screen if there is another issue which there shouldn’t be one.

      P.S. If you can get the DishNetPC software to work on your computer, please leave another comment here to tell others your experience with the software when watching or listening to radio, Internet TV, videos, etc. Hopefully, DishNetPC will respond also with help.

      Good Luck!

  • Richard Case

    I have had this program for many months, with no complaints.

    Then one day every channel I tried came back as “unavailable”

    I paid again, downloaded the new pgn as directed, installed it and received the same result, no channels available.

    Please Advise.

    Richard Case