Digital TV on PC Review

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Digital TV on PC Review 2012 – 2013, Software Turns PC Into Personal TV (Mobile TV Included)

Don’t confuse this digital TVonPC software with the one sold on Amazon and eBay that have a similar name with the number ‘2’ that follows. That one has a bad rating and should be avoided at all cost. What you get with this product is one of the top packages on the market today.

So whether your goal is to cut or downside your Cable or Satellite bill or simply add more channels to your TV/Video arsenal, this might be the one you’ve been looking for. But keep in mind, none of these products/services live in a perfect world.

Some of the features included are:

1. TV player developed by the service that streamlines and organizes the delivery of 3,000+ TV channels, radio stations and videos to any Windows operating system with a wireless or preferred broadband connection.

The free content delivered to your computer comes from across the globe by providers who make them available for viewing online. DigitalTvonPc doesn’t own any of the content they deliver which means they don’t have any control over channels, relating to quality and availability.

The TV player comes with standard features consisting of Play/Stop/Pause, Add to Favorites, Full Screen, and other features to enhance better Web TV viewing. Channels are organized under genres in their respective countries to make everything easy to access.

There are over 100 countries included in the package such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. Some of the genres included are TV shows, adult entertainment, news, movies, sports, and radio.

The benefit this provides is that it enables you to watch many different types of free content on your PC, from one location without having to travel from one website to another to watch sports, movies, or TV shows. That means you save time and effort by not having to surf the web to find channels on your own.

2. There’s also a member’s area included (a.k.a. download area) where everything begins. Here you can download the digital TV software (TV player) to your computer with instructions included that guides you every step of the way. The setup process is quite easy and only takes a minute or two to complete.

How Does It Work? Once the application is downloaded to your computer, there will be an icon displayed on your screen. You will also enter your registration information when prompted to do.

And if your computer needs other software to play certain channels, you will have access to everything in the “Member’s Area” or be prompted to download free software such as Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash player, etc.

When opening the player, right away you will see how easy everything is laid out and organized. No instruction manual needed because everything is self-explanatory. Simply point and click to a country of interest and a list of channels will appear with different genres.

Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the same as watching television at home. Here you must scroll through channels to find what you like to see. There will be some familiar channel names but mostly unfamiliar ones. This takes patience on your part to go through everything to find something you want to see

Once you become more familiar with everything, you’ll know what channels interest you and can add them to favorites to view later.

The technology it uses scrape feeds from the web and puts them in a database. From that point on, the service will update channels and other content inside the user’s TV player automatically.

Is it Any Good, Real, legit, legal, or Scam? One of the things that make this a good product/service is the success rate (75%). This means it has a 25% failure rate which really reflects a percentage of refunds. Most TV on PC products out there are below 75%. So in essence, this product/service is reliable.

What makes it legit is that most of what the service claims on their website can be accounted for, with exception to being better than Satellite/Cable TV that they seem to imply. Though not all channels will have HD quality, many of them will.

I wouldn’t hold them to delivering the exact number of channels if I were you. Simply because channels tend to come and go online. Once again, neither do they own the content delivered to you nor control it.

From a legal standpoint, this service doesn’t use cracking, decoding or descrambling paid TV signals/content online. They also don’t include any P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks that have been known to have copyrighted videos, movies, and music files for others to download to their computers.

However, there is some grey area to using Internet TV software or whatever name implies. All of this has to do with linking to other content online, it’s hard to tell what’s copyrighted sometimes. But this service must comply to Government laws. It’s important that you read the Terms and Policy when visiting the merchant’s website.

The service has been in business since 2009 so if there was a legal problem along the way, they simply wouldn’t be here today. That’s why it’s important to stick with the top leading brands that have a proven track record of success. In other words, they know what they are doing.

Generally speaking, all these products have been labeled scams by some people – but some complaints are unwarranted. Just don’t put a lot of emphasis on getting HD quality for every channel and receiving paid premium Satellite/Cable channels like Starz and Prism.

DTVPC is no longer using Clickbank as their payment processor. They are now using another reputable service called Clicksure which helps make this not a scam. Check the success rate below when DTVPC was with Clickbank. In order for me to reveal this information to you, I had to sign up to sell the product to get access to the sales and refund data.

2 Screenshots – Sales/Refunds (click to enlarge)…

TV On PC Refunds Image


You can see for yourself that a lot more users kept the software oppose to those who requested refunds (25%).

What Channels are Included? The package includes live, on-demand (VOD) and HD-like channels, including adult entertainment. Some countries have more channels available than others such as US, UK, Canada, India, and so on. Some have under 100 channels while other countries have 100s of TV channels, radio stations, and videos.


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There is no channel list included and it would be impractical for me and other reviewers to include one, since some of the free content have a tendency to come and go. If you want to get an idea of what channels are included, download a totally free or free trial software (see right column).

Compatibility. This product is compatible with all Windows operating systems (desktop and laptop) including Windows 7 and compatible to Mac OS X and Linux. This puts the service at the top as being one of the most compatible applications for computers.

Membership/Service Package. When you become a paid member, you get a lifetime membership with a service package. This includes free on-going tech support as well as automatic channel updates and software upgrades, not to mention a free bonuses that are included.

Bonus. Here’s something for those who want more TV on the go. You get a mobile TV package (free bonus) which is a separate service altogether. It delivers 1,000+ streaming live/on-demand content to your Tablet, iPad, cell phone or other mobile device. Just like watching everything on your PC, Mac or Linux computer, you can watch TV shows, movies, sports, news, and other free content on your mobile device also.

There are 8 more bonuses as well unrelated to watching television online. These include many ebooks on personal growth, making money online, health, among other things. It would have been better if this service added more bonuses related to enhancing more Web TV entertainment — offering a free DVR would have been nice.


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TV on PC Pros and Cons

Pros. There are more than enough channels (in the thousands) that are available. Even with some of them coming and going, there’s still more than enough. The feature enhancements inside the TV player will help correct some of the flaws that are common to all TV on PC software.

For instance, you can click the update icon inside the player or wait for automatic update. Either way will replace broken channel links and add new ones. Adding your favorite content to favorites lets you personalize the player to your liking.

The Mobile TV software included as a bonus is rare in these types of products, so it’s fair to say this TV on PC service offers a lot more compatibility than most other brands. It’s also nice to see they didn’t forget mobile users, who have a great interest in finding software that helps them watch different programs on their devices.

Cons. The flaws are typical to all these products which includes channels coming and going, some picture blurriness and ‘choppy’ video once in awhile. Sometimes a channel won’t play because of the time zone you live in. If that happens, usually you can play the channel at a later time.

At times, there will be short adverts (advertisements) that last 35 seconds or less. You have to wait until it plays out to watch the program you want to see. This isn’t always the case with each and every program.

Unfortunately, there is no Mac version so Macintosh users are left out in the cold sort of speak. If you happen to be in the market for software to download to your Mac with OS X, check out my overview of some of the top Mac TV Software packages.

Money Back Guarantee. One of many concerns that people have is… Will I get my money back if something goes wrong? While there are some who claim these services don’t honor refunds, this service isn’t one of them.

PayPal is the payment processor but you have two options to send a payment: Sign up to PayPal and become a free member or don’t sign up and use your credit/debit card instead. PayPal is a highly reputable service that protects consumers. Use them if you don’t want to give out your credit/debit card information to various merchants when making purchases online. All sales and refund requests are handled through PayPal, not the software merchant.

Once you make your payment, you will receive emails in your inbox immediately. If you don’t see them, be sure to look in your Junk mail or Spam folder.

Price. There’s a one-time fee of $37 USD. You can convert this to whatever currency you like when visiting the order page.

Tip! Here’s how to get a lower price. When visiting their website close the site as if to go elsewhere. You will be prompted to take advantage of a $10 Discount. Simply click the “Stay on Page” button for the special discount.

Though none of these Internet TV packages can really replace Satellite and Cable, they can be the next best thing. From a cost and entertainment perspective, you get more channels (3,000+) than any paid television subscription at a much lower price.

Nothing beats a small one-time payment if the entertainment is good enough, which is the case when using Digital TV on PC to watch whatever you want, when and where you want.

If you still can’t find a reason to take a chance on this particular product, perhaps seeing the benefit in downloading the software to a laptop will change your mind. With a laptop, you can create your own TV traveling companion to take to work, school, on a trip or watch favorite programs from any location in or out of the home. This is what I did and certainly enjoyed having this TV mobility even since.

Having more programs to watch prevents having to watch reruns. When an extra TV is needed consider creating your own at a fraction of the cost. There are benefits to watching TV online and it doesn’t mean software is needed to do this.

However, saving time and effort may be important and if new to watching shows/sitcoms/episodes, sports, movies, news and other programs online, perhaps downloading an application like this makes more sense. Especially when you can turn your PC into a TV instantly without hardly doing any work.

For the low price to get everything within your fingertips including Mobile TV bonus (normally sold separately), it may be worth giving this service a try and seeing for yourself if it meets your needs. If it doesn’t, simply contact PayPal or PayDotCom (whichever payment method you choose) via email or phone to request a full refund.


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