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Boxee Box Review – Cost Less Than Logitech Revue Google TV

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Boxee Box by D-Link – Click HereBoxee Box Review
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Before there was there was Boxee Box, you had the freedom to scour the Internet to watch what you wanted via computer and the flexibility to pay for what you wanted. It worked well within the grand scheme of things but not well enough.

Some of the downsides included no big screen, no HD, no home entertainment excitement, no remote and easy interfacing designed to sort through unlimited movies, TV shows, sports, and whatever else you can think of that comes from the Internet.


Boxee Box Review: Tailor-Made for Couch TV

But now these issues are put to rest and everything you wished for has become a reality. Not only does Boxee Box give you the freedom of the Internet via TV but stunning HDTV quality in 1080p and a slick interface that simplifies everything along with Dolby Surround Sound.

Another wish come true is a remote that puts you at the helm to get everything within your fingertips.

Finally, you can say goodbye to using a computer and keyboard and pecking away to find what you want online, because Boxee Box‘s autosearch function makes life much easier.

If you haven’t been keeping up with everything in TV land and the Internet as of late, here’s a quick overview. Boxee gave a brief announcement in December 2009 about its first hardware product. Later, it led to a Consumer Electronics Show that introduced Boxee Box with D-Link.

But here‘s the kicker, Google is also set to deliver its Google TV this fall with similar capabilities. No doubt there will be some competition that can work in your favor. Companies will have to compete for consumers and the one offering the best price, features, applications, ease of use, among other things, will be the winner.

Another way to explain exactly what’s coming – compare the funky box which is a media player capable of playing a great variety of local media files including an increasing array of Internet content. It has the ability to access local files via USB posts and SD slot with a comprehensive list of compatible files such as:

  • Video: Adobe Flash 10.1; H.264 (MOV, MKV); WMV; VC-1; AVI; MPEG-1; MPEG-2; MPEG-4; Divx; VOB; PCM/LPCM
  • Audio: WMA; WAV; MP3; FLAC; AIFF; DTS; AAC; Ogg Vorbis; Dobly Digital
  • Photo: PNG; BMP; JPEG; TIFF

Certainly the local media playback brings a nice touch but the main attraction of the Boxee Box by D-Link offers the ability to stream the media, particularly the video from many different Web sources. How it does this is the box connects to your home network through an 802.11n Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Before, you could only enhance the Boxee experience through a small or large screen TV when installing software to your computer and connecting it, or an Apple TV by hotwiring it.

But with the integration of the software into a little set-top box, both Boxee and D-Link (developer of the unit) are set to open the Internet media to the masses.

For those who are already familiar with the Boxee software integration will be surprise to know that from our Boxee Box Review the hardware experience is quite similar. With the utilization of installing a wide variety of applications, the system itself allows you to customize your Web TV experience without the use of a computer.

Also, with all the accessible popular Internet media offerings out there, no doubt you will want to tap into Netflix, NPR, MLB TV or Pandora, just to name a few.

If social media is your thing, you will be happy to know that Boxee integrates very well with Twitter, Facebook, and some of the others.

In the past, Boxee became quite popular for its easy access to Hulu videos until Hulu’s harsh decision to disable Boxee’s compatibility. But with a stealth Web browser now included in the box, you can still get access to about 95% of Hulu’s videos supposedly.

Whether or not that percentage remains, we can only wait and see, until this innovation hit’s the market.

The Boxee Box remote is a standard d-pad that helps you get around the on-screen menu, and when you flip it over you’ll discover a full QWERTY keyboard, which makes it perfect for scouring through a countless number of Internet media sites.

Better yet, the remote comes with RF (radio frequency) rather than IR which means you can point the remote from any location in your home.

Click here to see remote

As for the price, Boxee Box cost around $200 USD. Only time will tell whether that price will go up as more features, integration, and applications are added. And with the likes of Google TV bringing what it has to the table, things could be gearing up for a heavy rivalry – causing a great Rokus.


Boxee Box Review: Setup Is No Big Deal

  1. Plug the Boxee Box into the outlet near the television
  2. Connect the box to your TV‘s HDMI input then turn on Boxee and turn your TV on using the remote. (You should see Boxee smiling at you)
  3. Use your remote to follow the on-screen instructions for configuration – that’s it!

Image of Boxe Box TV - Rear
Image of Boxee Box - Side

From thereon, Boxee will automatically configure your Internet connection then tune itself to your entertainment system in a flash. If you are already a Boxee user, it will automatically begin importing your account.

Click here to see diagram


Boxee Box lets you…

  • Gain access to everything over the Internet via TV (just like a computer) or home network
  • Modify Web experience to a small or large flat screen
  • Watch in full HD (high definition) at 1080p with 5.1 surround whenever suitable
  • Share the content you watch with family and friends and see what they are watching
  • Use easy to use remote rather than a computer keyboard and mouse

Who Can Use It?

  • Us, Canada, Australia, Europe (Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech, Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK)
  • Other countries will be included in the near future

The future of Internet TV with HDTV is here and if you haven’t watched the video posted above, do yourself a favor and watch it now. You don’t want to miss the excitement this brings and how the Boxee Box makes watching what you want, when you want, and anytime you want a reality.

By now, you figured out a way to beat the high cost of Satellite and Cable TV along with programming restrictions (unless you pay more), as well a prisoner to networks of primetime television that hold you captive to watching programs on their time and not yours .

In the end, you gain access to unlimited worldwide entertainment and the freedom to choose the type of programming that’s tailor-made for you – welcome to the power of Internet TV!


Boxee Box Review: International Availability

As it stands now, Boxee Box will be available in the following countries:

(End of Boxes Box Review)


For More Information and to Purchase, Click Boxee Box by D-Link


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  • Jim M

    Great Product. I just received my preordered Boxee Box from Amazon in the mail yesterday. I spent 7 hours using it this morning. It is really nice. The GUI is different from the computer version but it works well. I am only concerned about the durability of the mouse side of the remote. Seems like it may not last long with lots of use but I could be wrong. It needs to operate smoother than having to continously click it to move the mouse. I watched movies and TV shows and worked on several apps. The video is stunning for sure. The fancast videos were not as clear but ok. I am looking forward to seeing what all Boxee will develop into in the future. Keep up the great work.