Bitdefender Total Security: Best Protection for Computers and Devices

Ultimate Full Security Coverage with Just One Security Application

As a satisfied user of Bitdefender over the years, I can honestly say there would be no peace of mind had I not installed this antivirus security application on my computer. Without having to install other security applications, like malware removal, I save hard drive space. But more importantly, the OneClick Optimizer does everything needed to clean my computer with a click of a button.

It has become my personal friend that safe guards my computer with security alerts whenever there’s an intruder, in addition to automatic scans that cleanse my computer periodically.

Why use many security applications on your computer/device when all you need is an all-in-one solution? Bitdefender Total Security keeps you from worrying when knowing your device is protected 24/7, all year long. It’s the perfect solution to protect your computer (Windows & Mac) including Android devices. Not just one but all of them!

More than half of all computer users will come across malicious software or malware on their PC’s, costing USA consumers billions of dollars per year. A staggering 31% of desktop PCs are infected by some form of malware in the US, and over $2 trillion dollars have been lost due to malware infections.

Bitdefender Total Security brings users strong protection against some of the most advanced viruses and malware. Also provides features programmed to keep your private life safe and secured, across several platforms. And it won’t slow down your devices in the meantime. Uses state of the art security technology — best in the world!

BitDefender - Devices

Sign up to one account and get protected up to 10 different devices (Macs, PCs, Tablets & Android smartphones). It’s the best cross-platform protection and performance applications on the market today. Forget Norton, Avast, McAfee, all the others. Bitdefender out performs all of them and provides all the protection you need to keep your device clean.

Some of the Highlights:

  • iOS & Android Devices Now Have Access to Bitdefender Central App
  • Improvement to Password Manager and File Shredder
  • Tight protection for Mac, Windows & Android
  • Best malware detection
  • Wi-Fi Security Advisor — always secure even when traveling
  • Anti-ransomware: innovative and effective defense
  • Pure performance: preserves speed and battery life
  • Parental Advisor: family-oriented protection
  • Autopilot: security scans run automatically
  • Privacy, Anti-theft and data protection
  • Comprehensive support, 24/7

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