4 Steps to Avoid Internet TV Software Scams


Scam ImageI know the number one concern that many visitors have when visiting this site is an Internet TV software scam. And if it didn’t cross your mind, I’m sure you’ll hear about them when researching these products further. You will find scam reports and posts on Satellite Direct, Satellite TV for PC Elite, Satellite PC Pro and all the other top leading brands more or less.

However, you won’t hear from the 1000s who download these products every single day and enjoying the benefits. So keep an open mind and try to understand more about these products when exploring this site.

As for the other products and services sold online, more than likely there are complaints too. That said, all you really want to know is whether or not an Internet TV software scam really exist concerning a particular software you have in mind (Satellite Direct Review). I will give you the answer from my experience concerning these products which may or may not coincide with other sites.

Nevertheless, from herein on, you’ll get my honest unbiased opinion including my experience, facts and some inside pointers that you probably won’t find elsewhere.

Internet scams in general are causing many people including myself to be reluctant to pull the trigger and make a purchase online. No one wants to be scammed and certainly not me. But I know for a fact that many people are interested in purchasing a top online TV software package, provided it delivers what is being promised. And that’s where I’ll try to help you understand more so that you can make a well informed decision whether or not to purchase TV software (Satellite TV for PC).

When following along you will avoid wasting time and making costly mistakes, as well as avoiding misleading content about these products/services that are out there. As for those who are calling all web TV software (Satellite TV for PC) products particularly the paid versions scams, I beg to differ but that’s me. You must draw your own conclusion and I’m not going to try to sway you towards my way of thinking.

The top leading brands here do work (but not always for every computer). They are safe, legal, legit, and virus/adware/spywware/malware-free. However, there are shortcomings that exist but only a few to them. That said, you need to know also will an online TV software work on your computer and I’ll show how to do that, even though most of these products don’t come with a free-trial.

The main thing I want to do is eliminate the over-hyped content, misleading information and bogus reviews out there so that you can think for yourself, rather than a bunch of people telling you what to do and where to go. You can do things to find your own answers about TV application.

I’ve downloaded them, tested them and continue to use software today. You will find video reviews on this site that show living proof these products do work. A great place to start is Top Ten TV Online Software.

But before we get into the thick of things, get in your mind that not all these products/services are scams. In other words, keep an open mind and you just might find one that works well for you. And, by all means, review the TV Software category. That way, you can quickly identify and narrow down your search when discovering the top 10 best Internet TV software packages of today.

Whether or not you have a software package in mind that’s listed in the TV Software section, just follow along to help yourself avoid a scam. It’s also suggested that you target two or more software packages that meet your need such as, wanting the most live/on-demand channels, more sports, adult entertainment, etc.


How to Avoid Satellite Direct Scam or Any Internet TV Software Scam

  1. Check Merchant’s Website Thoroughly: You should read all the content, page by page when visiting the merchant’s website – especially the TOS (Terms of Services) or ‘Term’s of Use’, and money back guarantee. Make notes and write down any questions you might have because you will need them later
  3. Money Back Guarantee: Once you know the cost of the software, it’s time to click the ‘Order’ or ‘Download’ button or whatever name applies and visit the order form. Look for the name ‘ClickBank’, ‘Plimus’, or ‘PayPal’. These companies are highly reputable and secured 3rd party retail processors. Each one of them can benefit you greatly. That means you should make a purchase through one of them that appears on the order from.
  4. Not only that but if you need to request a refund, you will request it through the service you made the purchase (not the software merchant). For instance, Clickbank sends you an email immediately after making a purchase. The instructions inside will also contain your order number so that you can look it up at Clickbank to resolve issues with your payment, download, order, or requesting a refunds. Same thing with Plimus and PayPal.

    All three services mentioned help make the money back guarantee iron-clad, which means you won’t have a problem getting a full refund. That in itself eliminates the possibility of an Internet TV scam. By the way, how I define a scam is when the product doesn’t deliver as promised or fails to work or falls short of my expectation and the company refuses to refund my money. But here again, in the latter, you don’t have that to worry about. There is a no-questions-asked money back guarantee when sticking with the top 10 best leading brands on this site.

    When you see the ClickBank, Plimus or PayPal name on an order form you are in good hands – they will indeed honor a refund request just so as long it’s within the money back guarantee period – may that be 30 days, 60 days or whatever.

    Also keep in mind these companies must concur with the software merchant which still isn’t a problem, because there reputation are at stake too. I’m putting more time into explaining this because I really want you to trust this and feel free to research these companies on your own. I have made many online purchases through all three companies and have requested few refunds without any issues. I received all my money back from each request and everything was find and dandy with me. So there’s no cause for me to refer to them as Internet TV software scams – they simply didn’t work well enough or wasn’t what I expected

    NOTE: When clicking the button to the order page, depending on which software you are researching, you might be sent to a different form altogether where you must first enter your email and other information. Just enter your information to get to the order form to see if the ClickBank, Plimus or PayPal name is there.

    Although you may want to pay by credit card, I recommend that you choose PayPal if Clickbank or Plimus isn’t involved. PayPal is generally used as another payment method along with using a credit card. One thing is for certain if eBay uses PayPal (which they do) for their consumers this should tell you just how safe, secure and reputable they truly are – not only for making purchases online but honoring refund requests as well

    If you have a checking or savings account at your bank, you should sign up to Paypal.com and become a member. The benefit here is that they offer you a safety-net whenever you want to receive money or pay someone online. Nothing gets you screwed online with PayPal by your side. So I highly recommend that you sign up today. You must provide your banking account information. But don’t worry, everything is safe and secure. They will conduct a test by sending 1 or 2 cents to your bank account. When you see the money in your account, you simply follow instructions and notify PayPal the transaction is complete, and then you’re all set to go.

    I don’t use my credit card when PayPal is offered. In fact, I predominately use PayPal even when ClickBank or Plimus appears on the order form but feel free to use your credit card with any of these companies involved

  5. Contact and Test Customer Service:Once you’ve written down all your questions about the software in question, email customer service with your questions. There are two important things that you want to know before going any further: 1) Whether or not you receive a return email with your questions answered; 2) How long it takes them to respond to you, if at all. You should give them 2-3 business days to respond and give them the benefit of the doubt and email them again if you didn’t get a response from the first email.
  6. This is the first test. If you don’t receive a return email from customer service after giving them sufficient time to respond, simply cross them off on your list and move on to the next one. However, I would send emails to each merchant at the same time to save time. You should have two or more of these products on your list to perform this test. If you have a different operating system not listed on the merchant’s website, then asked them is their software compatible to your computer

  7. Testing Software-to-Computer Compatibility: Most of the top leading brands don’t offer a free trial or free test of their software, i.e. TV player. Although PCTV4ME do offer a free test, it only includes testing radio stations on your computer – not TV channels. What you really want to see is how well Internet TV channels (video and audio) play on your computer so that you can determine whether or not the software and your computer are really compatible as well as the quality. Even though testing the video and audio isn’t possible with any of the top 10 listed here, there is however an indirect way to perform a test.
  8. I suggest that you check in the right column and look for ‘Free Trials’ or ‘Software Test’. These products are similar to the top 10 best Internet TV applications like Satellite Direct. You want to perform a video and audio TV channel test on your computer. One freebie you can download right now is JLC Player. This TV player software will be self-explanatory (requires no manual to operate). You can upgrade channels and start playing them immediately. Now let me explain more thoroughly why you should perform this test prior to paying a top software service you really want…

    There can be times (although very rare) when Internet TV software may crash on a Windows or MAC computer during the download/installation process. Perhaps you already came across other sites with complaints from individuals who expressed their TV player software didn’t work. So what you want to do is find out whether or not your computer is compatible with these types of TV players, even though it’s an indirect way of testing).

    By the way, all of these Satellite TV for PC players (free and paid) are the merchant’s 3rd party TV players, pre-loaded with 100s or 1000s of worldwide TV channels and radio stations. All of them rely on standalone media software such as, WMP (Windows Media Player), Quicktime and RealPlayer to play different types of media (channels, videos, music, radio stations, etc.) on your computer. That’s why these free media player are so important and you must download the up-to-date version and the right one up-to-date version according to your computer’s operating system.

    Getting back to the test… You want to play as many different TV channels as you can from different directories and countries while playing strict attention to the video and audio quality. Now let me address this important part before going further…

    Don’t expect all channels to play or work. A vast majority of them should play however keep in mind that certain channels will experience down times due to different times zones. They should become available at there regular times. For example: One channel may not be available to watch at 3pm but will be available to watch at 11pm. Internet TV software services don’t own these channels. They only help deliver, organize and streamline them to provide instant access for you to enjoy the best of Internet TV entertainment has to offer.

    Don’t expect HD (high definition) picture quality for every channel. In fact, get that part out of your mind and just ask yourself is the picture and audio good enough to watch that channel. What I’m getting at here is don’t expect HD quality like your TV at home. You simply have must weigh the pros and cons and make a decision based on where a top Internet TV software can help you the must, such as creating a mobile computer Internet TV using a laptop to watch whatever you want, when you want, and from any location in or out of your home.

    The channels, videos and radio stations are streamed across the Internet which means the quality of your computer and connection speed is very important. The only thing you need to know for now is that an Internet broadband connection is preferred and higher the connection speed, better the picture quality and overall performance. You can use a wireless connection but some channels will not load and play and you’ll experience less in quality. I use wireless now and then. It it work well but it can’t load and play many sports and other channels with larger bandwidths.

    If the download and installation went well and testing the free TV player software worked ok, whereas you could play TV channels that provided good picture and audio quality, then it passed software-to-computer incompatibility test which wasn’t an issue. This should also tell you that a top Internet TV software should work on your computer as well, but keeping in mind that’s not always a given.

    At lease you will know that your computer’s firewall and other software/hardware are not blocking the Internet TV software from installing or causing the TV player not to play channels. Also, there are rare times when your computer will require one or more plugins for everything to work.

    If you come across an issue whereas you couldn’t install the free TV player or play any channels or a good portion of channels, then be sure to update channels in the TV player. You can also check in the ‘Help Section’ in the top portion of this site to troubleshoot the issue. Note: You might want to download two free-trial or free software to your computer to test further.


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